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  1. Celebrating being born 20 years ago today.



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    2. Sethwing


      @LiMaaa  Name is Jazz, haven't used Discord in ages..


    3. Sethwing


      Thanks to all for the wishes <3

    4. Munt3dApple


      oh nutz, im a little late but Merry Birthmas Mr Sethley.

      We miss you bro, show ya face on tf2 or the discord sometime.

  2. You beat me to it.
  3. Diglett??? @Hoste
  4. FREE

    A quote.
  5. Old, but still gold.
  6. not true hoste poste. aint not grammatically correct.
  7. Voted Saxton Hale and Normal. Much love!
  8. Love Guru.

    guru 2.png


  9. I say YES PLEASE to Sitar meeting Metal.
  10. I expected crits for some reason when the Ghostbusters theme was played at work earlier..

  11. Well. There goes those fantasies...
  12. You'd win my heart with good beats and a saxophone. 9
  13. That is me currently. Crash Bandicoot was my childhood and will always have my heart, however, I really don't want to get another console....