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  1. NobleSpartanV

    What you mean? :3
  2. NobleSpartanV

    -I am 21 years old -Unfortunately I do not have any admin experience but I am willing to learn and focus to become a good admin -Sourcemod as in the command prompt for donators, yes. If the script mod menu you can pull up, I have played around with it in Gmod but am not 100% fluent in using but again, I am willing to learn -I do have a job that is 12pm to 6pm and Monday to Friday but anytime before or after I am free, and weekends I am free aswell Thank You~
  3. NobleSpartanV

    I would like to become an admin staff for the US Server of EGC because I would like to make the EGC community a better place not only for the current regulars that come into our server but also for the new people that come in and see our wonderful server and what it has to offer. My skills are to be able to talk to anyone that may have questions about the server or its offers and if a problem should arise, able to talk and resort the issue calmly and peacefully so everyone can have a fun time on our server. I am very friendly and would like to talk and discuss things like adults that we are I have logged in 83 days and 21 hours into the server I am available whenever needed Thank you for the opportunity, NobleSpartanV
  4. Fav movie&Song

  5. Noble Spartan V (Or Alex)

    I want to better the community who has served me for about a year. I spend 99% of my time in EGC and love the social life in the server. I also have over 2700 hours on TF2 and I am currently 19 years old. I have I love seeing new faces come and stay as regulars. I am also not one to be soft. If actions need to be done, i will execute said action as efficient and non disruptive as possible. I love conversing with many types of people and making new friends along the way. If you gave me a shot, I promise, I will not disappoint. I thank anyone who has viewed this application. Happy New Year.
  6. You make my life so miserable.

    Sorry, but when my friends are literally leaving the server, because of actions that you make with your little posse, then it becomes my business. Don't try to ridicule me here on the forums as if you're the innocent one. If the admins/founders have a problem with me, please say so, ill be more than GLAD to talk to them. And if they decided to take actions further, then i do not mind leaving EGC at all. FOR GOOD! Im sick and tired of my name showing up here as if im the one who has started the fight, when you know damn well it was you who caused it. And if EGC is anything like this in 2017, even if its a bit, then im taking my stuff. And im off TF2. I only come to EGC to talk to my friends, and everytime i join a server with you, there is always the white elephant in the room. Take this however you like. I just give up at this point, i leave it to the admins.
  7. Who's to care?

    Yes I have Cow, and warned him as well.
  8. Who's to care?

    Now you're point fingers at me, claiming I'm the bad guy. This whole fiasco didn't start with me. I asked you to quit something that made me uncomfortable and you persisted. I took actions, and now your blaming me for taking action on what you could have easily prevented?? I fairly warned you. Don't tell me to change MY mindset to compensate for yours. I was always there for you, cracking jokes, hanging around, spending time. DO NOT say I am heartless. I give my respect to people who have clearly earned it, I am not going to sugarcoat it. And even if i wanted, I CAN'T "try" to help you. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. You have to take the first steps and see what the problem is. Then try and work a solution to fix the problem and move on. I have good relationships on EGC as a whole. If there is something wrong with me, people can confront me and I'll try MY ABSOLUTE BEST to fix myself. I love everyone on EGC with all of my heart, but if i feel disrespected in anyway, and I've given the person chances to fix themselves, then it all goes out the window.
  9. Want New Country

    #Go For A Cruise
  10. Who is this cute little lesbian

    Never did shit to me. Or anyone for that fact.
  11. Who is this cute little lesbian

    hahahaa, dress codes, havent went to school in ''dress code'' since 5th grade. even when they enforced dress code, i still came in jeans and a ♥♥♥♥in t shirt. Sure they were pissed, but what they gonna do, write me a ticket?