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  1. Holy shit there are more obnoxious donators then me? ♥♥♥♥.
  2. Amateur rank hunter
  3. Smash-bros looks like fun, definitely more rare than a majority of the other custom game-modes. There is already plenty of Dodge ball servers out there and I don't know whether or not a normal TF2 server would be successful due to Valve bringing out casual. Would it be possible to make a multi game-mode server? Such as the servers out there which have Death run and TF2Ware functioning properly on the one server.
  4. So there has been quite a lot of changes to my setup, I'll let the screenshots do the talking. Sorry for the shit quality, my decent camera's battery is dead and I don't know where the charger has gone.
  5. Those PC cases are hot.
  6. Changed my setup and I sold my GTX 970.
  7. dont smack me for bumpin' the topic plox
  8. Maybe some dank ear raping rtd for headphones users which flashes your screen green/black %50 transparent and just spams "weed, weed weed"