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  1. We all love the new Jungle Inferno update, but the frank thing is that some of the changes made in that update can inadvertently cripple some plugins run on community servers. In particular, some differences i've noticed have been related to the RTD plugin. Some of the rolls include Fire Timebomb and Ignition which are simply designed to trigger afterburn on the roller and enemies around them (for the Fire Timebomb). The new update has rendered these rolls to practical duds. I'm not going to bother explaining how because I'm very, very sure everyone knows why. Cheers.
  2. The spectators are able to fly around, understandably, but are also able to activate the roaming pumpkins to blow up by flying near them, resulting in an easy way to clean up the bastards. Thanks to Owlenstein for finding this. Demo: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=00667761067838021046 P.S. I forget how to remove content so I can upload more files from my account directly so I can use external sites like tinyupload less often. Help please? Cheers.
  3. So, I was originally making this bug report regarding enemy players being able to use the Holiday Punch to stun friendly users with laughing, which still is an issue, but I stumbled across a far more important exploit when testing out the new friendly plugin. If a friendly user stands in the middle of the invisible barrier of the spawn entrance/exit and an enemy walks into them, the enemy can phase completely through the barrier and end up on the inside of the spawn. It's exactly just that easy. Mid-post edit: For some reason the thread just randomly saved there... ♥♥♥♥ed up my title :/ Here's a demo showing it happening. It's fairly easy to pull off, seemingly. Demo: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=62721410819229947947 Cheers.
  4. Hoste


    I saw them flick rapidly between other teammates and myself, which is a sign someone may be using an aimbot, so I started spectating them and surely enough it was a shitty aimbot. Most notable parts are when he attempts to shoot at the Sawbinator himself with an SMG, constantly readjusting to their position and flicking to other enemies. tl;dr shitty hacks Cheers. scyther.dem
  5. Hoste


    Obvious aimbot even though it's a trash one. Automatically flicks to heads of players as he shoots. Most evident is when an enemy heavy is baiting shots and this idiot tries to shoot him with his Carbine, flicking rapidly with every attempted shot. Moronic children at their peak. lqm000.dem
  6. Hoste


    Mic spam, wouldn't stop playing shit-quality music after being asked. bassbatonmicspam.dem
  7. Founded by DemoGhost and I as a mistake, if two players start to spycrab duel each other with the automated plugin and one of them kills themselves to end the duel early and proceeds to duel again afterwards (same player or different), the player that was involved in a spycrab duel that ended early will typically start to taunt earlier and, at times, more often, resulting in desynchronization and an unfair duel between the players. It's questionable whether or not this can be abused to benefit an unsuspecting spycrab user (although I can think of a few scenarios), however this still results in an unbalanced game and should be fixed when possible. Cheers. If you need more information, leave a comment below and I may be able to attach a demo file showing this in practice.
  8. Credits to 27✔ for finding this bug. As Lima & Ker know, rolling the dice whilst in the spycrab rooms is not only prohibited but actively restricted. You cannot type '!rtd' or '/rtd' in chat, however, if you type just 'rtd' it rolls the dice successfully.
  9. Hoste

    hello there

    Shitty aimbot. Very obvious. Demo attached. Cheers. hellothere.dem
  10. Hoste

    Sultan Malik As Saleh

    Obvious aimbot. Demo attached. Cheers. sultanmalik.dem
  11. Hoste

    Tigar | 24/7 Bot

    Using the drowning/teleporting feature in a cheat program and later turns on the ability to control rubber-banding (with a perfectly fine 60 ping) as seen in the demo. He offered staked sniper matches to users on EGC and manages to take keys from a user called Vertex. This stuff is only accessible with cheat programs like Lmaobox and 100% does not occur in regular gameplay. He ran when I came back later and confronted him amongst others. Cheers. tigar247bot.dem
  12. Hoste


    Throws the cleaver through the window/wall. It's still possible and this person clearly doesn't care for the rules. Demo attached. Cheers. deexploit.dem
  13. Hoste


    Thanks to Saddie for seeing them cheat and asking me to check on them. Obvious aimbot. Admins weren't able to come on, so this is a report. Demo attached. Cheers. #roadto500rep silkeecheat.dem
  14. Hoste


    Toggled on after Karma and I were taking metaphoric dumps on their chest, then they suddenly became 'better'. Definitely has a type of triggerbot and toggle on aimbot at various instances. I'm 100% convinced they're cheating and I'm sure after you view the demo. It should be noted that he is friends with a user under the same name with a VAC ban; probably an alternate account of theirs. Demo attached. Cheers. pedro.dem
  15. Hoste

    poo fighter123

    Pretty easy to tell. Aimbot. Demo attached. Cheers. poofighter.dem
  16. Hoste

    Server-Cleaning Service

    Aimbot/silent aim. Looks like they were trying to have a lot of fun 360'ing and ran when they saw an admin join/people threaten to record. Demo attached. Cheers. serverclearingservice.dem
  17. Hoste


    Major mic spammer. Didn't stop after multiple people including me told them to. Demo: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=60377296825226242402 1 4chan screech = 1 prayer
  18. But what the hell is the price... https://media.giphy.com/media/gngO1gmBhS9na/giphy.gif
  19. We've all seen it - from aimlocking cheaters to locking a team's spawn doors, cheaters and exploiters have roamed in TF2 for it's lifetime. This is honestly a half-arsed thread to get your opinions and find a place for conversation on said topics. To start, here's a video of a new exploit where players can instantly capture control points with what I can only imagine is some type of lag switch for their client. I've personally never seen this before and i'm sure many others haven't either. And yes, I know, this isn't a demo file, stop complaining please. Feel free to post whatever you like in this thread.
  20. Hoste

    Yo Yo Yo

    Yeah ♥♥♥♥, come to Australia. We've got sun, sand and sex!
  21. Hoste


    Using an installed cheat to extinguish themselves and then kicks themselves for a select reason, this being 'vac lol'. Clearly an external cheat program in use. Demo: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=63154204286635042697 Cheers.
  22. Hoste

    new 25 killstreak sound effect

    I actually agree that the current sound effect needs to be changed. It's not related at all and is honestly embarrassing. I like your suggestion, but I would hope it to be less... e a r r a p e y
  23. As simple as the last bug with the jetpack, all a donator needs to do is resize themself and toggle off friendly mode. The plugin won't check if the player is resized or not and will successfully remove the friendly mode restrictions, allowing the user to do damage to the enemy. A simple fix would to disallow the ability to toggle off friendly mode if the user has been resized, like the last plugin. Cheers.
  24. Discovered by the fantastic and big-penised @Roo, a surprisingly easy exploit that went under the radar due to the simple method of which it can be abused and exploited. If a user activates the jetpack for themselves it places them in friendly mode, as it should. However, if a player toggles friendly mode (with the new friendly plugin), it will remove the user from friendly mode but not disable the jetpack access, allowing them to fly around and do/take damage. A very simple fix would be to disable jetpack (if active) when a player disables friendly mode.
  25. Hoste


    Sharker/attempted scammer. Claimed their item was worth 90 keys when it was 52. Said he was giving me 'many profits'. Has over a dozen negative trusts on his backpack.tf profile for the same thing. A donator exclaimed they've seen them on the server before, so it's likely they'll continue to attempt scamming on the EGC network. It's best if they weren't here. Video: https://youtu.be/IvzdO0G0nNM Sorry if the quality is dodgy, just uploaded the raw recording file. Didn't edit or export it at all. Cheers.