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  1. ultiplays72

    Major mic spammer. Didn't stop after multiple people including me told them to. Demo: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=60377296825226242402 1 4chan screech = 1 prayer
  2. We all love the new Jungle Inferno update, but the frank thing is that some of the changes made in that update can inadvertently cripple some plugins run on community servers. In particular, some differences i've noticed have been related to the RTD plugin. Some of the rolls include Fire Timebomb and Ignition which are simply designed to trigger afterburn on the roller and enemies around them (for the Fire Timebomb). The new update has rendered these rolls to practical duds. I'm not going to bother explaining how because I'm very, very sure everyone knows why. Cheers.
  3. But what the hell is the price... https://media.giphy.com/media/gngO1gmBhS9na/giphy.gif
  4. Yo Yo Yo

    Yeah ♥♥♥♥, come to Australia. We've got sun, sand and sex!
  5. catty

    Using an installed cheat to extinguish themselves and then kicks themselves for a select reason, this being 'vac lol'. Clearly an external cheat program in use. Demo: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=63154204286635042697 Cheers.
  6. new 25 killstreak sound effect

    I actually agree that the current sound effect needs to be changed. It's not related at all and is honestly embarrassing. I like your suggestion, but I would hope it to be less... e a r r a p e y
  7. ✪SuperLizard_

    The victim felt it the process of creating a player report was excessive, but since it was a one key crab (higher than is typically done by non-regulars) I decided to file it. Evidence: http://imgur.com/a/WmGz7 If the album shows images out of order then i'm sure you can look at the chat history. Cheers.
  8. olofmijster

    Sharker/attempted scammer. Claimed their item was worth 90 keys when it was 52. Said he was giving me 'many profits'. Has over a dozen negative trusts on his backpack.tf profile for the same thing. A donator exclaimed they've seen them on the server before, so it's likely they'll continue to attempt scamming on the EGC network. It's best if they weren't here. Video: https://youtu.be/IvzdO0G0nNM Sorry if the quality is dodgy, just uploaded the raw recording file. Didn't edit or export it at all. Cheers.
  9. Improve popularity of US | East

    If Lima and Ker haven't already done what you suggested I'm sure they're planning on it. They have made Steam group announcements and then some; admins even host events on the US East server to gain popularity and attention. The issue for this recently-released server is one of two things: technical issues or conscious decision-making by players. As for the technical part - which I doubt is the case - it can be something along the lines of missing map errors. It's not unlikely errors like this may continue to arise, but after the recent mass missing map errors being tended to and patched I quite doubt it's this specifically. Alternatively, the user filters a lot of bias as they skim through servers to trade items on. People filter by ping, look at player counts, tags and then the name. It would be no surprise to anyone that a server that does not meet personal standards to a mass number of players would be doing poorly. In this case, for a trading server, a user would be looking for high player counts as that would mean directly higher chance to sell or buy specific items. If they see the US East server with 0/32 players, you can bet your pasty white toosh they won't go on. It's the Tinkerbell effect. The more people there are on the server, the more likely others will join. It doesn't get as simple as that. One method to inject new players into the US East server would be to temporarily close the US West server until players are accustomed to the fact there's an entirely new server under the community's name, then reopen US West. This would of course be a shot in the foot at first, but it's an effective solution in theory. Although the less forceful strategy would be to continue these small drops of advertisements for the US East server until people deem it a good place to host their advertisements, given there are other dedicated players already on the server. Hell, even if Lima or Ker themselves go AFK on US East, 1/32 looks a whole lot better than 0/32. Players will come if other players are already there. Or you can give it special plugins for a more exclusive atmosphere, that is also a good idea. If you choose that path just make sure that the servers are all equally desirable to be on but have their own niches and plugins. Perhaps even legalizing 18+ sprays on one server, use a slightly different map - go nuts with ideas. Just keep in mind that working on and pushing for the new map would do wonders. It would make such a positive effect and postponing it is almost silly at this point. This response somewhat derailed from the original target reader but, if you care enough about the subject of popularizing US East, you would find plenty of helpful points here. Cheers.
  10. Spycrab Rooms

    d e a r g o d h e c r a c k e d t h e c o d e
  11. HeroOfJuans|EGC

    This would have been an incredible application if not for you typing out 'two' in 'Team Fortress 2'... 9/10, would hire again.
  12. Credits to 27✔ for finding this bug. As Lima & Ker know, rolling the dice whilst in the spycrab rooms is not only prohibited but actively restricted. You cannot type '!rtd' or '/rtd' in chat, however, if you type just 'rtd' it rolls the dice successfully.
  13. Kekner

    Burner account. Obvious aimbot. Demo: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=00057913305361613704 Cheers.
  14. Hi, I am writing this in regards to the permanent ban placed on you from a spycrab fraud report. I am not an admin, but I keep my head close to theirs, especially when it comes to player reports. I would first like to state that I understand your intentions when you created a player report, or at least what you made out your intentions to be. I will say now that admins - including the two owners themselves - do not stop at the evidence the reporter supplies, but also seeks evidence themselves, such as chat logs and chat history. The case you argued was that the user that initiated the report did not supply a link or screenshot to the server's saved chat logs. This case is flawed for the above reason. Admins don't take the word of unrecognized nor recognized users and rely solely on hard evidence. Don't go around yelling legal jargon like burden of proof and claim the effective system is run on a guilty until proven innocent basis, or that the community is bad because you didn't get the answer you wanted. From what I have seen, you're the bad one. After the extent you went to attempt in futility to say you should be unbanned was laughable. For your sake and of others', ♥♥♥♥ off. Cheers!

  15. Rikka

    Are you a donator at EGC?