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  1. After some digging I managed to find an incredibly similar concept in CS:GO. This video shows a bomb being planted and immediately detonating even though it should take approximately forty seconds before the explosion. Whatever technique this is, it is for numerous games.
  2. Upon further research, a system is already in place, yet not applied to other parts of the forums. The reports, bugs, et cetera. categories already follow a refined system to show correct, relevant information. It simply needs to be applied to other parts of the website.
  3. We've all seen it on the forums. Someone creates a thread and it displays on the main page or it's respective category as 'by User1', up until somebody creates a reply to that thread, to which the thread now displays 'by User2'. To put it simply, it's just a bit misleading for the fact that the thread was by (created) one user when it was another. As for an example... This is a screenshot of the EGC main page, detailing each category and the most recent thread added in that category, also stating as to which user the thread is by. In News and Announcements, the [TF2] New server map vote! thread is exclaimed as being made by Rockso when in-fact it was by Kerrr; Rockso was the last person to reply to the thread at the time, so it is displayed as a thread by him. However, when entering that thread category, it no longer uses the term 'by', but rather shows how many replies the thread has (to which the main page does not detail so Rockso's mention is misleading and out-of-context) and how long since the last reply was posted (in the below image it was one hour ago). As for the other threads in the screenshot, every other thread with the user mentioned was not the creator of the respective thread, but rather the person that made the latest reply to the threads. I may interpret this information differently to others, and I do understand that this is fairly minor, but it's simply incorrect information the way I see it. What I suggest is to either change the main page's information to always show the author's name instead of that of the latest reply, or alter the context of 'by' to 'latest reply from', or whatever. This is just me being a bit picky at the end of the day. tl;dr on the main page the wrong people are credited for creating the threads
  4. We've all seen it - from aimlocking cheaters to locking a team's spawn doors, cheaters and exploiters have roamed in TF2 for it's lifetime. This is honestly a half-arsed thread to get your opinions and find a place for conversation on said topics. To start, here's a video of a new exploit where players can instantly capture control points with what I can only imagine is some type of lag switch for their client. I've personally never seen this before and i'm sure many others haven't either. And yes, I know, this isn't a demo file, stop complaining please. Feel free to post whatever you like in this thread.
  5. ♥♥♥♥ it, put them all in.
  6. Houston, it seems we have a problem. Trying this donator perk from the donator menu displays the standard 'Houston, we have lift off!' message, but doesn't actually do anything else beyond that. I tested this both in and out of friendly mode and only on the AU server.
  7. Territorial control & Hydro are actually good.
  8. Actually, one night I was browsing the 'most recent' workshop submissions and one for a taunt came up, named 'The Egyptian Walk'. The following is the workshop submission video.
  9. Thanks to Unknown Assailant and fried for helping to point this person out. Started off with vision assistance to see spies, walking their way to bump into them so they have a reason to shoot them, then started to slip up with flicking (aimbot). After being called out, they toggled on completely. Easy case. Demo: Cheers.
  10. If you can afford donator you can afford taunts, I reckon. With EGC revolving around a community of traders, I'm sure everyone can try to trade for the taunts they don't have. Just my thoughts.
  11. Item no longer available.
  12. Your

    1. Sethwing



  13. I read that as midget plate spinners.
  14. This one was tricky at first, but later it became quite definitive for me to deduce what was being used. I believe they were using a combination of aimbot, triggerbot and wallhacks throughout the entire demo. This person is definitely not playing legitimately. Here's the evidence I collected since I'm not sure how definitive the evidence in Roo's report is (considering this was initially difficult for even me to figure out what was in play). Demo: Cheers.
  15. A laggy aimbotter with shit hacks. Demo ('.dem' files are a lot more efficient for me, @Refrigerator): Cheers.