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  1. As simple as the last bug with the jetpack, all a donator needs to do is resize themself and toggle off friendly mode. The plugin won't check if the player is resized or not and will successfully remove the friendly mode restrictions, allowing the user to do damage to the enemy. A simple fix would to disallow the ability to toggle off friendly mode if the user has been resized, like the last plugin. Cheers.
  2. FMJ

    "I saw Hoste spectating me for a while and he brang along MsFreakShow." You're right with the part that I was spectating you, but I wasn't the one that brought Freakshow on. That was somebody else. I was speaking with the other player named Karma about you talking about how you were playing, and he exclaimed it was probably a really shitty aimbot. In the end, I was uncertain, because it really was a shit aimbot. I never talked to Freakshow and she banned you on her own terms and judgement. Now that that is out of the way, admitting you were using an aimbot in your appeal is not typically seen. I'm no admin, but I figure that EGC has a zero-tolerance stance to cheaters. That's why people not only get banned permanently for cheating but also for using duplicate accounts to return and potentially cheat again. I have more than enough demo footage (as well as Freakshow herself) for the admins to go through if need be, but the bottom line is you cheated and you're being punished for it. I do not speak on behalf of the admins with this comment, but since you referenced me I thought I'd chip in. It's up to the admins to give you a second chance, which I will bet won't happen.
  3. Discovered by the fantastic and big-penised @Roo, a surprisingly easy exploit that went under the radar due to the simple method of which it can be abused and exploited. If a user activates the jetpack for themselves it places them in friendly mode, as it should. However, if a player toggles friendly mode (with the new friendly plugin), it will remove the user from friendly mode but not disable the jetpack access, allowing them to fly around and do/take damage. A very simple fix would be to disable jetpack (if active) when a player disables friendly mode.
  4. Just a very blatant racist. They mic spammed racist songs about '♥♥♥♥♥♥s' and tried to provoke everyone. I'm serious when I say it was difficult to collect all the evidence, so here's a demo of them mic spamming racist songs over the microphone. This is only part of what they did; they also said, "♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥, ban me ♥♥♥♥♥♥, this server is shit" and other obscene remarks. Just a garbage person that doesn't come to trade. I even traded them asking to stop, but they continued with provocative slurs and said, "I'll be right back, some kid just traded me telling me to stop so let me get my Johnny Rebel." I urge you to push for a permanent ban, but if you feel the evidence i'm providing doesn't warrant that then i'll include other evidence I collected (which will take time to compile and provide as I recorded it with a screen capture software [OBS]). Some other players on the server were tagging along with the racism and others were condemning them and shunning them for it. Demo: If this doesn't end in a permanent ban, don't close replies to this thread so I can add the other evidence if needed. I want prejudice like this as far away from EGC as possible. Cheers.
  5. I was on the US server late at night and a player called Jake Zyrus ran from a spycrab. I told the victim how to create a player report. And then a player called NICKOLAS found themself a victim to a spycrab runner only minutes later with a player called HueHueHue. Another player called WASD joined, and it was only then until someone noticed their profile included past aliases exactly that of the previous runners, and then I discovered that the ID from players joining and leaving were all the same between alias changers. It's one thing to run from a crab and never return, it's another to come back a minute later and try it again time and time again. I'm not going to wait and rely on somebody else to file a spycrab fraud report while this person keeps joining, so i'm making it. I have screenshots of one of the spycrab's progress in chat, handled from the runner themself, and then disconnecting seconds later after losing. All victims claim that none of the winnings they earned were paid and all the trades were cancelled. Here are the screenshots I collected, and I hope you take action to remove this scamming scum from the EGC network. And here's a quick shortcut to their Steam community profile for you: Screenshots: Cheers.
  6. Or even just a staffing rank lower than admin that has access to lesser commands such as mute & gag. That idea has been up in the air, but ultimately it's up to Ker and Lima to set something like that in motion.
  7. Random traded me asking for a pyro hat, so I added a fairly cheap Airtight Arsonist expecting them to make an offer on it, but then they ask for my Head Prize. A Head Prize is valued at 3 keys, mind you. They then add a Caffeine Cooler (valued at 1.33 ref) and a Brotherhood of Arms (valued at 6.44 ref). I ask them what their items are worth whilst also asking what mine is worth, to which they directly claim that his items are worth more than mine and that he's only doing it because he really wants one, then instantly readies up. Fair grounds for attempting scamming of unaware players in my eyes, which is why i'm writing up this report. Screenshots: Cheers.
  8. Surf is more reliant and lenient towards clients rather than the server, meaning people from all parts of the world will have a good time no matter the ping, so it doesn't need to be based in Australia for Australian players to enjoy it. Surf is a good option, but if it doesn't work out i'm sure there are still other alternatives floating around.
  9. As the title has you presuming, yes, a donator in friendly mode is able to be healed by any non-friendly medic and will inadvertently be able to build the Medic's Ubercharge. This combined with weapons that inflict self-damage (such as the Atomizer) can be paired to help boost the rate of which an Ubercharge is built, because even though you cannot attack, you can still take damage from those types of sources (not from sources such as fall damage, et cetera). I bet you're kicking yourselves at this point from all the bugs I've uncovered lately, sorry Lima and Ker. xoxo
  10. Founded by DemoGhost and I as a mistake, if two players start to spycrab duel each other with the automated plugin and one of them kills themselves to end the duel early and proceeds to duel again afterwards (same player or different), the player that was involved in a spycrab duel that ended early will typically start to taunt earlier and, at times, more often, resulting in desynchronization and an unfair duel between the players. It's questionable whether or not this can be abused to benefit an unsuspecting spycrab user (although I can think of a few scenarios), however this still results in an unbalanced game and should be fixed when possible. Cheers. If you need more information, leave a comment below and I may be able to attach a demo file showing this in practice.
  11. Spamming the mic with music and obnoxious noises. There's more to the two following demo files, but this captures a majority of what happened. After a few good lot of us asking him to stop, he persisted, and only ever stopped until he screamed into the mic one last time before disconnecting. One of those people. These demos show the extent of the mic spam as well as their negligence towards people asking them to stop, at one point even telling me "wait" whilst the rest of the song played out. Demo 1: Demo 2: Cheers.
  12. Also, he exclaimed publicly on the server at one point - to Allanon too - that he already paid up. I feel like this should be added.
  13. So, I was originally making this bug report regarding enemy players being able to use the Holiday Punch to stun friendly users with laughing, which still is an issue, but I stumbled across a far more important exploit when testing out the new friendly plugin. If a friendly user stands in the middle of the invisible barrier of the spawn entrance/exit and an enemy walks into them, the enemy can phase completely through the barrier and end up on the inside of the spawn. It's exactly just that easy. Mid-post edit: For some reason the thread just randomly saved there... ♥♥♥♥ed up my title :/ Here's a demo showing it happening. It's fairly easy to pull off, seemingly. Demo: Cheers.
  14. Let's see if I can fix the chicken scratch that is the methodology typed in this bug report. If a donator enters friendly mode and picks up a weapon on the floor, it will remove that weapon's slot until the user respawns or touches a resupply cabinet, which is a general bug in the core game. However, if a user chooses to remove one of the weapon slots and enter a spycrab duel with EGC's plugin, the user will remain in T-pose. A simple method you could do in order to fix this would be to disallow users in friendly mode from entering the spycrab room (as if the rooms were full, denying both users from initiating the crab). This would work because it would mean users can't carry out this exploit. This method is seemingly flawless as it doesn't matter if the user is in T-pose, but rather if a weapon slot is inaccessible to either users, ergo making non-friendly T-pose users vindicated from this issue. Cheers.
  15. You do realize there is a radius around the person that rolls team criticals that allows teammates to gain crits, as shown by the particle effects?