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  1. Excessively spammed, I asked them to stop, they replied "ok ok". They later continued to spam, I asked them not to, and they responded "but i want a bills hat XD" and spammed excessively and persistently afterwards. You'll be able to see the large extent of continuous messages second-after-second from the chat history. Screenshots: Though, as per usual, this player report regarding their behaviour of spamming on the server may not result in an immediate consequence, so keep this report for future reference if this person chooses to continue to disregard the rules. Cheers.
  2. I found another method for this bug of being able to kill people when resized and when the user (a Lifetime+ member) uses the jetpack command and can also kill people. The shorter method is as follows: 1. Resize and/or enable jetpack, then 2. Use the 'Send yourself to space' donator option. And now you can kill people with the previously-enabled donator options still active. *Plus, you can still use the new RTD system when in friendly mode and when events are active (the custom 'event' file used to prevent rolling the dice during events, but does not with the new RTD plugin/s). Edit: I've tested my method and the other one on the EGC AU server to gain the jetpack ability whilst outside of friendly mode isn't working the same as the EGC US server. However, resizing outside of friendly mode still works there.
  3. IIIIIIIIII boooooouuuuuuuuuuuuught the shreeeeeeed aleeeeeeerrrrrrrrrtttttttt with one hundred Schmackos.
  4. I came onto the EGC AU server a couple hours prior to this report being made and this person started playing hentai moan songs and other such things over the microphone (as seen in demo 1), and then also proceeded to have us listen to a narration of a disgusting Mario fan fiction about eating shit (as seen in demo 2). I did ask them in chat to stop mic spamming, yet they ignored it and continued. After it all Sunako eventually disconnected. I told Lulz i'd temporarily hold off a report in-case he were to return, and sure enough a couple dozen minutes prior to this report he was on the EGC US server doing the exact same thing except with dubbed/edited speeches depicting political figure Donald Trump as a rapist and Isis supporter (as seen in demo 3) which i'm sure people may be very prone to reacting negatively to it as it was on the American server. After these instances, I felt I needed to create a player report so that you - the staff - know what this person is up to and how they behave on the servers. Demos: Demo 1 - Demo 2 - Demo 3 - Of course, as per usual, if this does not warrant any immediate consequence (as it is a mic spam case) then consider this report as evidence in-case they continue to mic spam or break other such rules in future. Cheers.
  5. I was sniper duelling Lulz and this guy with a private account and a gibus was kicking my arse for a bit, so I asked Karma and Lulz to check them out for me. To put it simply, they were aimbotting and locking onto heads and whatnot. I asked Karma to record a demo of them as a sniper but the demo got corrupted, however a separate demo of them as a spy (which is supplied below) should be sufficient evidence. Demo: Cheers. P.S. The shit-talking was just so I could get him mad and be more blatant
  6. Guys, if nobody buys it, Mini will crab me it. You decide whether that is a good or bad thing! Good luck trying to sell it~ > w>
  7. I'm making a comment here because I do not have crepcheck added and I feel this information based on facts is urgent enough to be displayed here for them to see. I'm looking at the chatlogs you provided, item histories and trust pages and this is basically extortion. I'm no staff member and even though you did run as a joke I reckon you should submit a player report on Callum7. He was hesitant to remove a vindicated negative trust from your profile, attempted to extort you of your unusual/Mannrobics/Fubar Fanfare taunts, claimed his Steaming Sergeant's Drill was once worth 54 keys and still may have been even though he damn-well knows it isn't (since he has had it for a good while now), mocked you by repeating what you were saying and, after what seemed to be a good ending to all this, STILL hasn't removed your negative trust on On top of it all, him saying things like 'I can probably get you unbanned' portrays completely unjustifiable, unbalanced power in an equal relationship. Callum7 AKA 'Phatcow7' has as many rights as you, crepcheck. For what it devolved into, I would personally urge you to make a player report on Callum7 so that admins can respond to that end of the situation as opposed to your appeal, which I cannot will not comment towards. Thanks, Hoste. P.S. For the 'SteamID' section for appeals and reports, it needs the ID32 rather than the Steam Community address. The Steam ID32 looks like: STEAM_0:0:123456789. To find your own ID32 or others', go to Steamrep and paste the Steam Community Link in and it will display the relevant information. For your account, your ID32 is STEAM_0:1:155943946.
  8. This player randomly traded me, poured a bunch of crates and low-value items into his end of the trade and asked for an unusual or an expensive taunt. At this point I could tell it was gonna be a shark/scam attempt or beggar. I then told him I may have one unusual to trade, but implied I didn't know the values of each side of the trade. I then tried to prompt questions to give him a willing and voluntary answer on whether or not it was a fair trade. The first trade session failed (as seen in a screenshot provided) and he traded me back about thirty seconds later, again flooding his end with crates and random junk items. I ask the question again, with him pressuring me into readying up preemptively by saying "press ready" and "i don't want to get scammed on my birthday". He eventually gave a willing answer to my question, exclaiming that it was a fair trade. I gathered the last bit of the chat into a .txt file and made one last screenshot before I cancelled the trade and declined the multiple other trade requests afterwards. If these actions provided in this report does not pose a problem for attempted scamming/sharking and begging and prompt an immediate consequence, then do keep this report as it is discussing this user's behaviour on the EGC servers. Screenshot album link (hopefully processed in order [probably wasn't]): The text of the entire chat in both trade sessions (as much as I managed to collect): Cheers.
  9. So then the Soldier said, "You best be running before I get my shotty, towelhead!" Pampered_Pyro.png

    1. Hoste



  10. Hopefully my straw-related chatter with you from earlier today didn't have a negative connotation/interpretation, too. Love ya' Freak.
  11. After some digging I managed to find an incredibly similar concept in CS:GO. This video shows a bomb being planted and immediately detonating even though it should take approximately forty seconds before the explosion. Whatever technique this is, it is for numerous games.
  12. Upon further research, a system is already in place, yet not applied to other parts of the forums. The reports, bugs, et cetera. categories already follow a refined system to show correct, relevant information. It simply needs to be applied to other parts of the website.
  13. We've all seen it on the forums. Someone creates a thread and it displays on the main page or it's respective category as 'by User1', up until somebody creates a reply to that thread, to which the thread now displays 'by User2'. To put it simply, it's just a bit misleading for the fact that the thread was by (created) one user when it was another. As for an example... This is a screenshot of the EGC main page, detailing each category and the most recent thread added in that category, also stating as to which user the thread is by. In News and Announcements, the [TF2] New server map vote! thread is exclaimed as being made by Rockso when in-fact it was by Kerrr; Rockso was the last person to reply to the thread at the time, so it is displayed as a thread by him. However, when entering that thread category, it no longer uses the term 'by', but rather shows how many replies the thread has (to which the main page does not detail so Rockso's mention is misleading and out-of-context) and how long since the last reply was posted (in the below image it was one hour ago). As for the other threads in the screenshot, every other thread with the user mentioned was not the creator of the respective thread, but rather the person that made the latest reply to the threads. I may interpret this information differently to others, and I do understand that this is fairly minor, but it's simply incorrect information the way I see it. What I suggest is to either change the main page's information to always show the author's name instead of that of the latest reply, or alter the context of 'by' to 'latest reply from', or whatever. This is just me being a bit picky at the end of the day. tl;dr on the main page the wrong people are credited for creating the threads
  14. We've all seen it - from aimlocking cheaters to locking a team's spawn doors, cheaters and exploiters have roamed in TF2 for it's lifetime. This is honestly a half-arsed thread to get your opinions and find a place for conversation on said topics. To start, here's a video of a new exploit where players can instantly capture control points with what I can only imagine is some type of lag switch for their client. I've personally never seen this before and i'm sure many others haven't either. And yes, I know, this isn't a demo file, stop complaining please. Feel free to post whatever you like in this thread.