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    Cancer-ridden; i'll spare you the chemo.

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    I like strawberry milk and video games. I am especially good at combining my hand-eye co-ordination to use the mouse, keyboard and computer monitor to play these video games.

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  1. hoste, more like boast ^_^

    no hurty

    1. Hoste


      ur ded kid

    2. lambda


      1v1 me new egc map, direct hit only

  2. The second Pokemon generation was amazing, wasn't it? :D

    1. Munt3dApple


      There is only 151 pokemon.........

  3. Burner account. Classic aimbot. Shit hacks because I dominated the idiot. but then again all hacks are shit because i dominate all of them Demo: Cheers.
  4. Selling Allanon's old cumrag - Disco Beat Down Desert Marauder. Painted 'Deep Commitment to Purple' with the spell 'Voices From Below' attached. Taking 28 keys pure or mixed offers. Alternatively I can crab it against an item of equal or greater value, so offer for that too if you would like. My Steam profile should be attached to this account, so either leave a reply here or add me to discuss.
  5. After i've posted this, it seems to have gotten much worse. Check chat history time-stamps when reviewing this report. Cheers.
  6. Bad spray. Evidence: Cheers.
  7. Spamming chat with a bind that intends to troll people into quitting. Reporting so that admins know of their behaviour on the server - keep for future reference. Evidence: Cheers.
  8. Just so you know, the 'SteamID' section for reports is for ID32's, not community link profiles. This helps with admins to easily check previous bans on in the community and their Steamrep page. The Steam ID32 looks similar to this: STEAM_0:0:123456789 I saw the same mistake in the previous report and figured I'd notify. Cheers.
  9. Obvious silent aim and classic aimbot. Nullcore seems to be the new Lmaobox. Demo: Cheers.
  10. FREE

    > stroke > of genius
  11. Roo

    Oh, you... *blushes* > w> Thanks for the compliment, but i'm waaaay to muscly and infamous to apply to be an admin... Wuv yew~~
  12. Roo

    A very good choice, indeed. Very loyal, quick-to-act member that will definitely shine through the cracks of other applications. Best of luck <3
  13. I found a word bubble graph of Allanon's browser history...!

    1. lambda


      that's very colourful, like personalities around the internet