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  1. Whew, at the bottom of the thread at last. Everyone has really good ideas, so I'll throw mine into the mix: A dedicated mode server and a mode rotation server (if that's at all possible). I dunno how possible the second is, but if anyone knows how, it'd probably bring a fair amount of traffic... glad to see so much activity on the forums
  2. On an AU server Or in Russia
  3. Australia Depending on who enters we still have a shot as a multi national team
  4. I can now post status updates. Hoorah!

  5. Well. @KeRRR liking of stuff has bought me back here, does EGC have an affiliate code for web hosting? I'm looking into a website for a project I'm working on. Edit: Did you also use wombat for domain registry or is there a better option?
  6. I'm in. Fake it till u make it.
  7. Interesting indeed.
  8. Roo pls. You didn't even need to shop that
  9. Welp, I changed my steam username to Jeby Iasnerjilaes Minidove and dropped the Lamar (32 char limit pls). I'm also using my youtube profile img atm, but I plan to incorporate a dove into it for steam when I get a chance.
  10. Well my first bank stopped supporting Swift codes for international transfers, so in 3 days to 10 days I should find out if my current bank supports Valve payments or I have to find another new one.
  11. Can we swap the position of deals and posts at all? I just feel like forum posts should probably take precedent over deals. Also, only US servers ;_; I'll be happy with that if I can post status updates WB KeRRR. Looking forward to these new servers (and maybe the new map????)
  12. What class laser? Pretty sure it's fairly easy to accidentally buy the illegal ones thanks to china..
  13. The problem isn't so much that my name is long, it's more that I want it to be in line with the brand I'm building myself so to speak. My youtube is under Jeby, my twitch is under Jeby, and my workshop stuff, while posted by my minidove account, has the advertising banner of Jeby. I want to bring my steam account in line with that, so when I'm commenting on skins to add to rust to the developers, the associate my [insert account here] with my steam. Jeby and Minidove have been my signitures for a while. Jeby for money making and public stuff and Minidove for steam and more personal (read: communities and stuff). Seeing as those two have merged thanks to the workshop, it's bought up this question. For now I think I'll be dropping the Lamar from my name (Sorry people who call me Lamar, including but not limited to 15 random traders and MsFreakshow). Maybe I'll Change my Profile image. The legacy of Lamar shall perhaps live on in my alt.
  14. Ello all. I've been considering changing my name for a while due to the fact that I've picked up quite a few: EGC I don't know if people call me this because they are lazy or they think it's actually part of my name. Iasnerjilaes My formal name dreamed up while waiting for a CSGO match. Almost no one calls me this or screws up saying it ;_; Minidove When I first joined steam and started getting into proper multiplayer games I became good friends with some guys known as the Doves in PS2. I'm short so this became my name Lamar I regret this because it was just screwing with Limaaa while he was drunk. People find it easier to say and seem to prefer it though... Jeby Originally a nickname from my friends this has become what I do all my branding with for YouTube and the steam workshop. It's simple and short I'm thinking about changing my steam name and everything to my YouTube 'branding' just to make things simple, especially with stuff like the steam workshop and developers forums where I'm known as Jeby, despite my steam details all being Iasnerjilaes Minidove Lamar. I just wanted to ask you guys what you think before I go and change anything and suddenly nobody knows who I am or I get banned for impersonating myself (I think this happened once last year... Might have been on my alt). Any thoughts?
  15. I suffer your same pains. First, perfect running from goal to goal on trade plaza without touching the ground, next start creating workshop content. Then fall into a spiral of making youtube videos hoping for recognition.