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  1. Minidove

    spycrab fraud epic meme

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  2. Minidove

    spycrab fraud epic meme

    As there hasn't been a response and there appears to be no solid evidence, even after I said what evidence you would need for a report prior to the crab, I'm going to close this one up. Please make sure in the future for Spycrab runner reports that you have: 1: Evidence of the agreement (Which you seem to have) 2: Evidence of the crab. A demo or video of the crab will serve best, or both players, better the person who ran, counts in chat.
  3. Minidove

    spycrab fraud epic meme

    From the looks of the chat logs and your screenshots of both you and epic meme, nobody was keeping score? Was Ceege keeping score with the 1-0? I said when you were asking about spycrabbing to please record the deal and the crab itself, as we require solid evidence to ban for spycrabs, do you have a recording of the crab? From the looks of what you've posted, there isn't much to go on as far as score. I'll talk to the other admins about it.
  4. Minidove

    spycrab fraud epic meme

    Changed Status to Under Review
  5. Minidove

    Reaction Roles Discord!

  6. Minidove


    Forum Skeleton Lord here... ^ 😁
  7. Minidove

    New Beginnings

    Saw the title and thought this was an appeal lmao. Welcome (back) to the forums hackermang
  8. Minidove


    Report from Hoste. Please review demo before actioning. Demo: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/323088619470454785/438267127045292033/duck.dem
  9. Minidove


    Posted on behalf of hoste so we can deal with this kid properly. Cosmic has a recent history of ignoring admins requests to stop abusing his microphone, spamming music, and personally, admitting hes able to hear me up until the point where I tell him to stop aforementioned crimes at which point he repeats back to me the opposite of what I said. EG: Me: "Please stop using your mic if you aren't going to deal with your extremely high background noise and turn down your speakers" Him: "So I'll keep using my mic" It's become clear he doesn't want to acknowledge or follow the rules on EGC servers, and despite currently having a week long mute for the mentioned offenses, has just broken more rules. From Hoste (thx bby): Hoste-Today at 5:42 PM @Admins I can't log into the forums so here's a scam report on the player 'Cosmic', STEAM_0:0:205973951 Random traded me asking how much for my Strange KS AWPer Hand and offered a renamed Sniper Rifle plus a random hat. I asked if it was a fair trade and they said it was, promising. Two screenshots below as evidence. and the linked images:
  10. Minidove

    Cellyo And im the trash man|trade.tf

    Changed Status to Under Review I'm assuming you mean: STEAM_0:0:138717659 and STEAM_0:1:431641830 (the latter of whom is already banned) As with all reports, we require proof to do anything about them. Do you happen to have a demo or any screenshots of the agreement and then them leaving without having traded you?
  11. Minidove


    Audio recorded by user Airwolf. Clearly shows user Mαττ∩¡ƒ¡c∈nτ (the loud racist voice spamming mic, verified by me as witness that that was him in the recording) being loud, racist, and talking over other players. Badd_Boy_on_egc_audio.m4a.mp3 Edit: link to previous report for voice comparison:
  12. Minidove

    Hello There

  13. Minidove


    Fi, Helcome wo the torums
  14. Minidove

    Introductions Needed

    Ello Ello Ello.
  15. Minidove


    Changed Status to Accepted