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  1. As title says. Example: Removing the "&do=statusReplies" appears to fix this issue, or at least links to the actual update.
  2. ohhhhh. It's $300 at MSY right now, if you don't have to pay shipping this is a good deal.
  3. FREE

    I interpreted the program to the best of my knowledge (it's pretty similar to c#) and then coded it into C. Riperoni Edit: Maybe I'll work on my own coding quiz. How to make them less decipherable though...
  4. FREE

    whoopsy, kept reading it as "printin" COw Coow COw Coow COw
  5. FREE

    Filthy Java COwCoowCOwCoowCOw
  6. You did it before your forum account was a year old, so i think you're probably good
  7. I like it, but I feel like 10000 would be great for scientific purposes.
  8. Welcome to the club hope you have fun! PS: your introduction was better than mine
  9. It's been a while since I posted here, so lets start: My latest shitpost of a video, people like learning stuff for some reason, good market to cash into. I have a twitter that I'm using now, so that's something: I think I found an EGC twitter with 2 tweets. Maybe something the Media Staff can do ^-^ I have 3 Rust items in the game at the moment, perhaps another coming soon, the third of which has lead to some sweet repping on I guess I'll probably update this again if I make an interesting video or start refurbishing my ~2000 era PC case for a ryzen build (in hopes I can actually work at 4k, not just run tf2). Until then, have fun!
  10. Time to necro this thread, Humble bundles have always been a good source of games, and they have a partner program now. Could be something Any news on a website affiliate code @KeRRR
  11. I have already edited it to reflect the fact.
  12. Welcome to the forums. Always glad to see new faces around here, hope you have fun.
  13. Crap. I wrote it down somewhere, even took screenshots for it. Whoopsy
  14. Seems like the place to post this, despite not being a question. Please relocate to appropriate place or pin next to the other one. At the request of Allanon I'm here to show ya'll how to record and upload demos for use on the EGC forums, whether it be some form of highlights reel or ban appeal. There will be two (hopefully short) parts to this guide. Skip to part 2 if you just want to know how to upload, go from the start if you want to know how to record demos in the first place. PART I: Recording Demos The process of recording demos is rather easy. Simply open your console by pressing the tilde key (~) and type "record [name of demo]". This will start recording a demo file of everything going on. If you're reporting a hacker it might be a good idea to use spectator mode and navigate to target the suspected hacker, and follow them for the duration of the demo by pressing 1 and then 1 again This function on the EGC servers allows for easy access to player information such as their steam ID if it's ever lost or not recorded in the first place. You can also get the steam ID for everyone on the current server by typing "status" in the console. Once you are done recording your demo, you can enter "stop" to stop recording and save the file. This will give you a read out of the recording time and frames recorded Part II: Uploading Demos Now comes the final part. You've recorded a demo for whatever reason you needed to, you just need to upload it. To start, navigate to your steamapps folder. By default, this will be located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps" however if you have a custom install or have spread your game installs over multiple drives, you will need to navigate to the steamapps folder you have installed tf2 on. Proceed through to the "tf" folder located at "...\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf" and you will find several folders and files, along with your demo Simply upload this to a file sharing site, such as dropbox, and use a share link (click "share", then "copy link") to post it onto the forums. Have fun and good luck!
  15. Any chance I can be involved with the setup? I have a fair bit of experience with discord (not that it's that hard to use) now if you need anyone to make 50 roles or upload great emoticons.