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  1. Minidove

    csgo is good

    Changed Status to Accepted
  2. Minidove

    csgo is good

    Thanks for the report. User has been banned.
  3. Minidove

    Dj Slav (SFM commisions)

    Yes. For now. http://bans.endlessgamers.com/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=dj+slav&Submit=Search
  4. Minidove

    Dj Slav (SFM commisions)

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  5. Minidove

    Dj Slav (SFM commisions)

    It's been decided that as you ignored admins several times that the week ban shall endure. If you wish to see rules changed, I suggest you take my advice and make a suggestion on the forums instead of continuing to break the rules.
  6. Minidove

    Dj Slav (SFM commisions)

    Changed Status to Under Review Very true, but please refrain from commenting on reports/appeals you're not involved in. Thanks As for you DJ, you've been told several times by several admins to stop advertising 3rd party services such as making sfm posters on the server. I even gave you instructions on how to make a suggestion to change the rule, but you decided to continue anyway, going so far as making a spray to advertise after you were gagged. That would be known as evading punishment. For now the ban will stand, though as you've made an appeal I'll talk to the other admins to decide whether your ban will continue or not.
  7. Minidove


    Changed Status to Dismissed
  8. Minidove


    Changed Status to Under Review Thanks for taking the time to make and upload a demo! Very useful" As for salad, he sure does talk a lot on the mic, and talking over others is not alright, but as you may be aware, with issues like this, we normally try to just deal with it in the servers. As this was more of a case of excessive talking, and a bit of talking over others, it will be treated as such, as opposed to someone just spamming noise into the mic like two people did during your demo. This report will be kept for future reference if he doesn't calm down.
  9. Minidove

    Genetically Modified Turtle

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  10. Minidove

    Genetically Modified Turtle

    Changed Status to Under Review Your punishment is expired. When an admin mutes someone, normally it's with good cause. If you believe this is not the case, and that it was admin abuse, the place to file a report is over here: http://www.endlessgamers.com/reports/active-reports/?do=form&d=10
  11. Minidove

    Can't spawn in

    Well for one, we don't have an EU server... In my experience this is either a network issue or a restart tf2 because it bugged out issue. Network could be either server or your side causing it.
  12. Minidove

    Kasam'' -=||=-

    Changed Status to Accepted
  13. Minidove

    Kasam'' -=||=-

    We have determined this to be sufficient for a ban. User is clearly attempting a scam (and as you have said, completed). Please take care and don't trade for items outside of the trade window unless you know what you're doing in the future.
  14. Minidove


    Changed Status to Accepted
  15. Minidove


    Changed Status to Under Review I'm not privy to the server logs, so I can't fully detail the events and data that got you banned, but after some discussion, we've decided that we'll treat this as if you got really unlucky, broke a mirror under a ladder and someone cursed you under a blood moon and all those things lined up resulting in a miss-matched Identity. Appeal Accepted.