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  1. Anamu7amed

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  2. Anamu7amed

    Hi, You were told not to appeal again till that time for a reason. If you continue spamming appeals you will be banned from making them as well. See you in August at the earliest.
  3. SoccerSam123

    Report on behalf of user: "Unique#2579" 0.3 hour account with only tf2 and some sus shots, review and decide please.
  4. AsianSensation

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  5. AsianSensation

    Denied due to lack of proof and no more evidence posted ~2 weeks later.
  6. Anamu7amed

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  7. Anamu7amed

    As we've had a talk, I'm going to have to deny this report as it doesn't have enough proof. That said, user has been banned here for other reasons:
  8. Anamu7amed

    Changed Status to Accepted
  9. Anamu7amed

    Approved by Admin Agreement.
  10. Shwan!

    :hi: Howzit
  11. Vertex

    User has pretty clearly (aside from the sighing) commited crab fraud by leaving and declining the trade. Try keep it in text chat next time for clarity. Changed Status to Accepted
  12. Vertex

    Changed Status to Under Review
  13. Fluffy

    Hi, that's not your steam ID. Please include that in your appeal.
  14. Favourite games to play?

    Allanon covers a few of mine, along with cs, holdfast, chivalry, shellshock, liking peoples comments on the forums and a few others. Damn it's hard to pick favourites.
  15. Count to 100