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  1. Minidove


    Changed Status to Accepted
  2. Minidove


    Combined with this users chat logs, he shows clearly that he has no wish to follow the rules of this community. Threatening to lock access to another users account on top of claiming to be using exploits/hacks/scripts is a no go. Thanks for the report, user will be permabanned.
  3. Minidove


    Changed Status to Under Review
  4. Minidove

    Source Chat Relay

    Now that is something. I'm not going to pretend to know anything about how this works, but i will ask if theres a way to slim those chat messages down vertically. Neat af tho
  5. Minidove

    Dj Slav The Spell Man

    Hi DJ Slav, can you just confirm all your steam id and stuff is correct this time before we proceed with the appeal?
  6. Minidove


    Changed Status to Accepted
  7. Minidove


    Changed Status to Under Review
  8. Minidove


    Clear cut esp and aimbot. Thanks for the report hazz
  9. Minidove


    Changed Status to Accepted
  10. Minidove


    Changed Status to Under Review Snapping to peoples heads through walls seems to be a great way for this kid to show off how good he is...
  11. Minidove

    csgo is good

    Changed Status to Accepted
  12. Minidove

    csgo is good

    Thanks for the report. User has been banned.
  13. Minidove

    Dj Slav (SFM commisions)

    Yes. For now. http://bans.endlessgamers.com/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=dj+slav&Submit=Search
  14. Minidove

    Dj Slav (SFM commisions)

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  15. Minidove

    Dj Slav (SFM commisions)

    It's been decided that as you ignored admins several times that the week ban shall endure. If you wish to see rules changed, I suggest you take my advice and make a suggestion on the forums instead of continuing to break the rules.