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  1. Bug confirmed. Replication process 1: Resize 2: Teleport through /roof 3: Kill self while stunned before teleporting (in console) 4: ... 5: Profit Kill people as a midget Edit: Hoste's told me that this also applies to jetpacking
  2. 10/10 policy, looking forward to the results
  3. Getting tired of this stuff Maybe contact him about being scammed, but he's going a little far.
  4. I'd agree if I could sell it.
  5. Looking to sell my Holy Grail Fresh Brewed Victory, worth ~72 keys. Open to paypal offers, but preferably only fairly trusted EGC members for that option. Open to item/unusual offers with overpay as well. Hit me up lads
  6. Now I normally wouldn't put free weekend stuff up here, but I thought some of you might enjoy this. Made by the same guys behind Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, this is basically a newer, polished, cartoonier, magical version. I've seen a few people playing it and it looks like fun, downloading as I type. Have fun, maybe we can get together as egc and kill each other some time over the weekend.
  7. Sold to hoste for 31 sweet sweet creepy crawly keys
  8. Can confirm. He looked like hacks here and there but not enough in the demo I got to be confirmed.
  9. Ignore him ;_; I might do it, but pls buy it and crab hoste yourself so I don't feel so bad about losing money
  10. I have a Midnight Whirlwind Shred Alert for sale over at I've got it up there for now but I'm willing to go cheaper directly as they take a 10% commission on sales. I'm also open to item offers and keys, but I'd prefer Creepy Crawlies
  11. FREE

    I realise now an announcement has been posted about this on the steam group, but it probably belongs here. PAYDAY 2 is free woot Have fun all
  12. Was witness to this. Didn't watch the crab but watched chat. Guy noped out right after losing.
  13. sauce code pl0x
  14. People are shit-♥♥♥♥s unless there is something in it for them or they're having a good day 80% of the time. It's sad, and I feel that in the EGC we have a number closer to 20%, but they are very vocal. Speaking for (hopefully) the other 80%, we love you admins, we know how hard you work, and really appreciate it. Edit: Thought I'd add something about sexism seeing as that was somewhat the focus of the post: Kids/teens are dicks. 13+ rule is a good reason (aside from the abuse) to just mute them for a significant period of time..