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  1. Hello!

  2. RTD perks explained!

    Get a 25 ks >____>
  3. MadeBySanny TRADING

    If you took any screenshots/recording of the agreement and outcome, that may work. I would suggest giving a time of when it happened so the chat logs can be checked, but from what I saw when I poked through them last night, there wasn't any further evidence there except for (from memory) you calling him a scammer, and him calling someone a scammer.
  4. Banning for Trial Admins.

    I think once the server gets a few more admins, namely from this (and maybe next) round of trials, this problem will go away. It currently exists because we only have a few admins on (discord anyway) at a time that can deal with said people.
  5. die/injured in friendly mode

    Yes. That was the result we got as well.
  6. die/injured in friendly mode

    Tested both with Akira, Toxic kills people in godmode (from rtd. sm_godmode keeps you safe), and fire breath sets friendlies on fire, which does cause them damage.
  7. kirby

    Can't speak for any of the other stuff here, but from what I witnessed when I hopped on the server earlier, Kirby was interrupting advertisements for a while and generally being annoying/rude on the mic. Didn't hear enough for me to mute him however, so take it with a few grains of pepper.
  8. E3p (TheGoose)

    You can edit your previous messages by clicking the button next to "Quote"
  9. FREE Steam trading Bot

    I am Scottish no big surprise please get that wallnut oot ur brain and rember it Good spell very.
  10. Can't speak for the quality of this one, buy it boasts 60m water proofing and a similar use case to the GoPro. For 14 cents and free shipping (or $0.17 for priority shipping), well worth a look. Ends in under 40 minutes from when this is posted. Part of their snap-up deals which are happening hourly at the moment, as part of their birthday celebration. https://www.banggood.com/ThiEYE-V5s-12MP-4K-WiFi-Full-HD-Action-Camera-Allwinner-Chipset-170-Degree-FOV-Lens-Filters-p-1194903.html?utmid=2002&zmkm=1&snstate=1
  11. Freddy / Helloitsme

    Pretty obvious hacker. Claims he just wants the items that the server stole (from his alt), whatever that means. freddy2.dem freddy3.dem freddy.dem Edit: appears he was Vacced Edit Edit: Hes now on this alt: U:1:459328165
  12. Yo Yo Yo

    Everyone else has said what you need to be congratulated for, so congrats for that! :) Agreeing with the others, Japan seems like a pretty great place for university abroad. As for the Uni blocking stuff, a decent vpn may be a wise investment. Get the trial version of one to see whether your uni picks up on their usage and whether they actively block them. That and maybe using google's DNS servers (not entirely sure this will affect you). Maybe look over the document you probably signed about internet usage first though.
  13. catty

    Was witness to this. A fishy character indeed