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  1. Vidja
  2. Everyone who's not part of egc, and even some who are, seem to call everyone with the EGC tag "hey EGC" or use "!trade EGC". I'm starting a proposal to change it so people read names first, tag's second, and stop calling people EGC. Thoughts?
  3. I'm not sure why, but recently stuff I've already read has been popping up under unread content quite a bit. For instance, Kart KS. Not sure if someone's commenting and either their posts need admin approval or are being deleted, or whether it's something else, but I've noticed it happen a few times now, which is why I'm throwing it up here.
  4. It's free atm, ~25 hours left from now:
  5. Report was ~2 hours before ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. always a bit of fun.
  7. Technically it's the discord now, and that's a discord id not steam id, but I have no clue who he is on steam. You can check player ids by \@'ing them in chat, for instance, me \@jeby#1742 He's basically been cancer for a while now, I asked allanon to come and deal with him when he started telling people to dm him for child porn: After that, he just kept coming back on with different names or images. Just an asshole with free time I think, but he just spent the rest of the time being a troll. All his messages were 5:30pm 17/5/17> AEST
  8. 40% off you say.... If only I had more money and a need to spend it.
  9. There are a whole lot more people who have been using it, that's just today's list, but I have to say, @everyone should be restricted. Only use cases for calling everyone on the discord should be with admin permission, and if you get that, the admin can call @everyone themselves.
  10. I see the reason for keeping custom maps to the custom server, but is there any chance we'll see decent vanilla style workshop maps on this server? I feel like one in the rotation would be interesting.
  11. Lets start a semi-communist revolution in America. It could be fun.
  12. That's certaintly something. Let's be real though, if it was added to the game, it'd be expensive unless someone hated it so much they manipulated the market solely to crash it's price Edit: Why is it whenever I open the forums someone's just posted something I want to reply to and it makes it look like I have the forums up 24/7
  13. That's just cuz roo's a shrub. Just click on the discord thango on the forum main page.
  14. Asia would probably do for decent ping between Aus and America