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  1. Spunkle | trade.tf

    Alrighty then. Comments you'll get: Spunkle, you seem like an alright guy, but if you're the spunkle that got a temp ban for destroying a dispenser during an event, then I think you need to mature a fair bit before applying for admin.
  2. Hello!

    Hallo :)

    Hacker who was on the server last night. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/340805795291594754/344134374536642561/this.dem
  4. Improve popularity of US | East

    I think we have all seen that US East rarely has many players on it, even when US West is full. I've only come up with one suggestion so far that seems more feasible, aside from the slow gain in popularity servers experience as more users favourite them, which is to add a message on US West saying "Did you know we also have a US East server? Add it's IP to your favourites: ...". Aside from that, anyone else who has ideas post them here I guess.
  5. Spycrab Rooms

    I wouldn't mind seeing a similar implementation for information about EGC, including the crabbing rooms. That and signposted walls with said info, such as how to crab in the crab rooms, basic rules, forum link, etc
  6. Intro to programming languages: #1

    BM-700 or 800 of ebay - $18 AU Phantom power unity - $25 AU Cheap XLR cable - $6 AU Sure, a yeti might be better, but you could go the shitty audio route like me
  7. Intro to programming languages: #1

  8. If anyone's looking for an entry level kb+mouse for gaming, the Devastator is amazing, and $32 is a pretty good price for it.
  9. HeroOfJuans|EGC

    Applications are still being taken to the best of my knowledge, but I dare say it will be a while before any new trial admins are decided on/accepted.
  10. Danny/Infinix

    That said, at least you weren't insulting admins in your chat history (in the last month anyway).
  11. This is not a goodbye, only a step back.

    Sad to see you stepping back for a bit, but I understand the negative feelings to tf2 and trading, tf2 and csgo both went on a shelf for a while on my end before getting back to it (and joining EGC as a result). Looking forward to seeing you still around in the community, even if you aren't going to join us in game all the time. I'm not going to say anything soppy like "best wishes in the future" because I fully expect to see you around in discord and such, so have a good day today, and keep at whatever you decide to do if it makes you happy :)
  12. Krakow 2017 – The Finals

    I was hoping for VP vs Australis. I'm a little dissapointed Edit: Also, 14:30 AM... Seems legit.
  13. !Votemute Option

    Trusted WHAT??!!?! Who said that?
  14. EGC | SURF instead of EGC | US EAST

    Surf isn't a bad idea, especially if its not a replacement to a trade server but rather a complement to it (trade server with surf stiff added in, rather than the over-pluggined surf servers you find in csgo). Might also bring in a larger player base? Either way, a server set up for something other than stock tf2, as suggested a while ago like Saxton Hale mode and such while still being a trade server would be nice. Edit: Rename AU to AU | Weast while you're there