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  1. Jeby

    Jimmy The Apricot

    Changed Status to Under Review
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    The Engiee Main

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    After some discussion we've decided to un-mute you. 2 years should have been plenty. Do be warned however, any further mic spam/tts bot usage will put it right back to where it was. Edit: Might be a little bit before it physically gets lifted.
  5. Jeby


    Changed Status to Accepted
  6. Jeby


    Changed Status to Under Review Thank Dr Banhammer. Thanks for the report. Problem dealt with.
  7. Jeby


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    Flare Bear

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  9. Jeby

    Flare Bear

    I appreciate making the report, but this appears to be a spat between two players. An administrator should have warned you both to knock it off, but I guess I'll do that now. Fighting in chat is just annoying. Please don't. If someone starts to fight with you just ignore them unless they're breaking rules with every message (for instance, breaking harassment rules). When they've gone on long enough you'll be left with a chat log of someone trying to pick fights against people who aren't responding. Report them and we can deal with it from there. As for this instance, you both may have gotten muted if you both kept it up, but it seems to have petered out without intervention. The only real choice I have now would be to mute you both or let you both go free, and I'll be taking the second. Please don't fight on the servers.
  10. Jeby

    Flare Bear

    Changed Status to Under Review
  11. Jeby


    Hi 👋 Welcome to the forums. Say hi to LittleMadTiger for us some time
  12. Jeby


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  13. Jeby


    Hi Mr Conagher. I have gone through the relevant logs and discovered several things. First of all: Luminescence. He said something rude that could certainly be considered against the servers rules about harassing other players. Looking at his chat history though, he doesn't appear to have a history of this behavior on our servers, so this would have resulted in a warning. He will be punished further than a warning if this behavior continues. Second: Dizz. Trial admins are administrators in training. They should be responding to things like this, and I have talked to Dizz about making an effort to keep a closer eye on chat in the future. Third: You. You appear to be signed into the forums on an account that hasn't joined the servers since 2015. Thank you for including yourself in the screenshots though, makes my job a little easier. Looking at your chat history as Dell Conagher, it becomes clear to me that since you joined the server today the only thing you've really done is harass dizz through random trading and chat, and make derogatory claims about Australians. I will thank you to refrain from harassing Admins of EGC (or other users for that matter) in the future, it is against our rules, and has netted you a day gag on the servers this time. Thanks for your report.
  14. Jeby


    Changed Status to Under Review