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EGC | Oi Big Ears

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  1. EGC | Oi Big Ears

    Oi Big Earz

    Hey, it's me. Do I think I'll be a good admin? No. Can I abuse the fact that I can apply to be an admin? Yes. Does anyone honeslty want a 16 year old on running their server? Double No. What are my skills? Really basic coding skills in python 3. (I can make a quiz if you need that, I don't know why. I'd show you it but it's gone) I occasionally walk my dog. Sometimes I do the dishes and feed my cat. 2 Years experience in 2018 Inventor Professional AutoCAD Skills (Reference in post. If for some reason you want your map in the Australian National CAD Standard format, I can't do that.) Literally nothing else Cool stuff 2600+ Hours on TF2 (Because I have no other hobbies) 11d time clocked on in the server (Because I have no other hobbies) Past Donator (Donated around 2~3 times, not too sure) Been on forums since 2015, Been on server since 2014 (Not like this helps my case) Steam Rep+ Approved https://steamrep.com/search?q=STEAM_1%3A0%3A54224902 Steam Account (For losers) https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198068715532
  2. EGC | Oi Big Ears

    Hey, I'm back (Question of the Day)

    Hey. What do you think Shouldn't go on chocolate pizza?
  3. EGC | Oi Big Ears


    What are your phone ringtones? When I got my Galaxy, this was the one that was pre-installed into it, and funnily enough, it was a really catchy synth beat.
  4. If Horrible and Horrific are bad, then why is Terrible bad, and Terrific good? :wanwan:

    1. EGC | Oi Big Ears

      EGC | Oi Big Ears

      Really makes ya think...

  5. I felt like there were more times for editing, plus fixed the ending. (still very novice at editing) hopes you enjoy If you recommend any tools / constructive criticism, please comment below.
  6. EGC | Oi Big Ears

    Show us your rig!

    Hey everyone This is my rig Basic Specs Strix GTX 960 i5 750 (Yea it isn't that beefy...) 20170617_235630_1.mp4
  7. EGC | Oi Big Ears

    A new Youtube Video I made! (Overwatch)

    I decided to record some "funny" junkrat POTGS I got while playing overwatch, and made a video out of it, it's alright, just chopped them up, and added some voice lines for good measure, if anyone here are good at editing video, can you please give me some constructive criticism, and what I can do to make it better
  8. EGC | Oi Big Ears

    [TF2] Vote to win! (Choose your game mode)

    Lookin Good
  9. EGC | Oi Big Ears


  10. EGC | Oi Big Ears

    DEAL Humble Bundle - Star Wars III Bundle

    Sorry for being late, got caught up in Traffic Here is mine if you want https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?refc=SYoXgS I'll make sure I'll use yours in my next purchase
  11. EGC | Oi Big Ears

    DEAL Humble Bundle - Star Wars III Bundle

    How about both, It gives your five dollars if you a friend purchases something.
  12. EGC | Oi Big Ears

    DEAL Humble Bundle - Star Wars III Bundle

    Hey mini dove, wanna referral on humble.
  13. EGC | Oi Big Ears

    Y'all gettin that Crash game

    same dud, grew up wit it.
  14. EGC | Oi Big Ears

    Y'all gettin that Crash game

    Yea, but it ain't all about that fancy shamanic graphics (But you know, we got standards, and it goes over) what about that game play? But at the end of the day, you run and jump so errr
  15. EGC | Oi Big Ears

    Y'all gettin that Crash game

    Y'all gettin that crash game, looks pretty good, I played a bit of Crash bandicoot back in the day (Wrath of Cortex which is the shittiest one) but brought back a lot of memories, never played the originals so ill give it a shot, anyone else jumping on the bandwagon? Plus on a side note, might be picking up the Nintendo Switch thing, but everything is so over priced... 69 dollars for a timing game!? In your dreams nintund0e