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  1. the other admins jaesuki and papa_Sun tought i was hacking they have been abusing me and the other players and they think it's fun they made me sad and i'm dep******  they might think im aim boting or aim locking i made this acc 5 months ago and i don't even know how to hack or cheats im avoiding those so i will not get banned i hope you see this thank you

    1. Jaesuki


      You were banned for hacking with demo evidence. If you'd like, I could talk with you and work with you on a potential appeal process.

  2. muramuska


    hi im new that's my name ex0 please report jaesuki and papa sun they have been abusing me and think im a hacker i played tf2 for 4 years in my main acc which it got hacked and they think was aim boting or aim locking please see this thank you sincerely. Im new