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  1. I miss the spycrabbing days with good mods and trusted middlemen with a banning system for people that ♥♥♥♥ up, it was so og back in the day and it was even run by EGC, if anyone’s capable of bringing the glory days back it’s EGC and I guarantee it would bring together a boss community just like the old days, having rooms dedicated for crabs with a big crab arena for high wagered crabs for the community to watch along! please bring this back, I would make the server myself I’m just useless with that stuff
  2. Teej

    Spycrab servers?

    I’d be so keen and can even help with stuff as I’m always online, I guarantee doing them crab events and even having Crab rooms with active Trusted middlemen would bring in a huge community, I was saying to my cousin just the other day about how much it would blow up and I was in complete shock that I couldn’t find any crab servers, hopefully they can be started and be underway soon!
  3. Teej

    Spycrab servers?

    Is their any spycrab servers available in 2020? I remember when egc aus ran that epic server some years back why can’t we have something like that still running? regard teej