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  1. sniperkingz


    So, DOOM and aussie made a joke of advertising type "demos" in console so jaesuki said the first person to type then doom ,aussie, ann frank type that in console and it crashed the server, the this morning today i made jokes just laughign once and jae got on me and later today doom ans aussie got me into talking about going to skial to do and i get banned i am not mad just upset i got banned and it just hurts me that i spend time here but after the ban i am prob not gonna because of how i got banned i got banned for one day!
  2. sniperkingz

    Edward Denham (SniperKingz)

    i forgot to put in i am a FIrefighter (Volunteer) in Real life
  3. sniperkingz

    Spycrab servers?

    i am pretty sure i can talk to KeRRR or LiMaaa to maybe bring it back, i hope soon the new mods that got chosen do events so spycrab would be mostly a event or KeRRR, LiMaaa see this
  4. sniperkingz

    Edward Denham (SniperKingz)

    Hello, i am SniperKingz my name is Edward Denham i have 500+ hours on TF2 and 100% Activity On EGC, i play tf2 allot and i been playing on EGC i wanna become moderator because i feel like i have the skills and leadership to keep EGC non toxic or mic spammers not to go on mic and play stuff or just talk or scream i can give allot of stuff to EGC like i will donate and everything i will listen to higher staff and if COC (Chain Of Command Is A Thing i will follow it) to get ot know me a bit i am a soccer player for a high school team, i played soccer for maybe 14 years and baseball 6, football 2, and and basketball 3 or 4 years, i am a Junior Now In High School In TN (Tennessee), i am on TF2 Allot i am gonna be still active through out the day. I am active on discord the whole time pretty much allot i am looking to get more active on EGC Discord, i am a Donator for EGC and My SteamREP+ is clean, i meet all the requirements and i hope myself a good luck on this app thank you for taking your time into reading this application have a good day! (EXO IS THE BEST)