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    Well I did not scam I have gotten rid of the screen shots. But some guy wanted his first unusual he gave me 3 keys in items for a Headcase unusualifier witch at the time was selling for 4 keys. He was not happy and wanted a trade back I said no he kept begging I then told him I will do a tradeback but not a full trade back he got mad unadded me. The next day he said I scammed him the server was on his side because he had a 20$ backpack. Thats what this all lead too but the ban that summerwave put was Scammer/Sharker, multiple negative ratings, banned on scrap.tf for running with brokered items. Thttps://backpack.tf/trust/76561198243196922?page=1& https://rep.tf/76561198243196922 https://scrap.tf/profile/206022 I have tried to pay him back for a year now but he will not accept it because he wants to keep me banned.