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    Alexeii - OwO♡ #9999

    Hello fellow epic gamers, My name is Alex or as you will know me from my gamertags in games: Alexeii or discord tag: OwO♡. I am not really known around here. If you've ever even heard of me, surely it is as "OwO" in the EGC Discord Server. I am currently doing some projects with both LiMaaa and KeRRR (Hype AWAKE!). I came from a small community called Hangout Hotel which has had its fair share of controversies lately, but overall I'd say I get along with pretty much everyone. Just a bit of trivia: I am 20 years old, live in Norway (EU Timezone) and work with both advanced onshore and offshore electrical systems. As a hobby, I am pretty much only around in EGC these days or watching series with my girlfriend. I always like to help people, so if you got questions, contact me here or on discord and I am sure we will find some solutions for your issues. Regards, Alex aka Alexeii aka OwO.
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