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  1. MarsGuardian

    Starlight Glimmer

    I'm almost always available, unless I'm out on the road or at the gym. I can also be reached via my mobile in the event something's going on - ask for it, if you'd like. And as for trading experience and hobbies... I've had a generally pleasant encounter with other traders - the few dishonest types notwithstanding, that is - and my hobbies range from computers, history, and military studies to foreign cultures, travel, photography, and medicine.
  2. MarsGuardian

    Starlight Glimmer

    Though I've only recently come across the group as a whole, and started making a regular appearance... I've had plenty of experience from both serving as administrative personnel on a now-defunct group (Sodahappy Servers, if the name is familiar to any of you), and spending four years in a JROTC unit from 2005-2008, culminating in the rank of Cadet Senior Master Sergeant (C/SMSgt, E-8). Maybe these don't give me enough in the way of qualifications, of course, and if I'm turned down, that's fine. I'll do all I can to contribute to a good community, and adhere to established guidelines along with establishing a high standard of conduct. As for the requirements established for staff... There's only one I don't meet, and that's to be a donor for the group. I can confirm I am above fifteen years of age, and have over five hundred (500) gameplay-hours logged. UPDATE: As of yesterday, I've become a donor for six months. UPDATE #2: I've, as of today, begun talks with the owner of another TF2 community, though it won't conflict with my application.