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  1. the other admins jaesuki and papa_Sun tought i was hacking they have been abusing me and the other players and they think it's fun they made me sad and i'm dep******  they might think im aim boting or aim locking i made this acc 5 months ago and i don't even know how to hack or cheats im avoiding those so i will not get banned i hope you see this thank you

    1. Jaesuki


      You were banned for hacking with demo evidence. If you'd like, I could talk with you and work with you on a potential appeal process.

  2. Exoo


    Hello, I'm exo. I'm only writing this because it's late and I'm bored, got nothing else to do. Ah, uh. I'm 22, from Texas. Co-founder / Former co-owner of NGS. My favorite color is Green, my top 3 favorite unusual effects are Frostbite, Green Energy and Sparkling lights. I waste my time on EGC often and have made friends with some very cool people, and I hope to keep y'all in my lives till I die. Nice to meet you all. P.s. I have a major sweet tooth :))
  3. Exoo


    am interested
  4. Exoo


    Hello. I am a donor. I donated a key for two months. No, not currently. I work from home, so I'm very flexible with hours. I can almost always be there when needed. To make it simple, my mother passed away, and I had to focus on IRL matters instead of playing on the PC. Eventually after returning I made the choice to just remove myself from the staff all together. I'm not to active in the discord unless it has to do with reporting someone going against server rules or just being toxic in general.
  5. Exoo


    Let me start off with I just joined the Discord before creating this application, and I'm currently not a donor. I see it's required, so I'll of course donate a key when I'm done with this. And be more active in discord. I have over 5k+ Hours in this game. I join EGC nearly everyday in-game to idle and trade, make friends and have a good time in general these days. I used to be Co-owner / Co-creator (Head admin) of the trading server NGS (NeoGenesis) trading. What caused this application was I think I've spent enough time on this server to make some acquaintances, see how the people operate and wanting to better the server. I want to of course preserve the servers and the community because I've grown fond over it and it's people. I don't have much to say besides I hope you give me the opportunity to keep the server in it's best possible state while I'm there.