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    if you need to get to me quickly, message me via discord @fireman dan#9752
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    Hello! There are a lot of really good names running for mod right now, and I am throwing my name in the ring. I qualify for all the requirements in application. -My reputation is squeaky clean -I (currently) have over 4000 hours in game (1056 hours in EGC) -I am a donator -I regularly post on the official Discord to report those who aren't very fun -I am older than the specified age limit -I have never broken a single rule, and have never been disciplined (e.g. muted, banned) I don't have experience with SourceMod, but I am willing to learn. I am also very active on the TF2 server, and would be more than happy to help tidying the place up a bit (mainly taking care of the not-cool people). Don't want to make this too long, but I would like to be put in consideration for staff. Thank you for reading!
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    how was your day?
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    Lied about backpack.tf listings, claimed that an official bp.tf admin changed the official pricing on items, scamming/sharking people. Lying about pricings on other trading websites in order to scam people out of extra items. When confronted about what he did, all he said was "oh all you have to do is just trade it up for a better one." Thanks, I knew that but you scammed a 17 key unusual out of me for a 10 key one since you lied about the official pricing. Not cool. As for evidence, you can see the entire thing unfold in the server chat, US West, July 7, 2019. 2:16:01-3:31:42: http://stats.endlessgamers.com/chat/tf?range=5&server=2 According to !rules, lying about pricing on bp.tf and others isn't allowed. If it's right, then please do something about him before he scams more players who don't know as much about trading. Since the guy changes his name a lot (i wonder why), here are screenshots of the entire thing. Read the parts where the scammer (named "ray_ping_minors" at the time) and I (Fireman Dan) talk. Everything else isn't really that relevant.