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    I was speaking to Plan B about my past issues with losing items due to either being too nice or having lack of trading info. He told me I seemed like a nice person, of course Iguanana (Who hates me for a past issue) said ''Pffft'' when I told Plan B I was trying my best. Then I told Plan B (Not exact words) ''I have changed even though some people or some ''Lizard'' doesn't believe me'' I will admit that I was wrong to mention Iguanana in the conversation and I understand that it is against the rules to do that, but what Flare Bear said wasn't even close to what I deserve for explaining a past issue. For chat proof this was given to me by Hazz: http://stats.endlessgamers.com/player_histories/chat/225084 Flare has a grudge against me for no reason, she has no idea what me and Iguanana have fought over nor about. So I don't understand why she's being this way