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    I was not on an alt, nor was I cheating. It was kind of strange for you to suggest this as there was probably limited evidence behind it. 1.5 years ago kerrr banned me for aimbot or something, dismissed my first appeal saying that I was on an alt and told me to appeal again after at least 6 months. I hope you lift my ban now as I have waited the given time, and the reason behind the ban wasn't even valid in the first place. I mean who looks at someone that is playing well, sees that they have low hours, and immediately think, "cheater"? why does it matter if someone's on an alt, as long as they're not breaking any rules? I don't care if my ban gets lifted or not as I no longer played on your servers after this incident, but if you would, please clear up this mistake for me as I would be glad to be part of your community if it welcomes me. yours ludo
  2. DolanDuck


    Dear Endless Gamers Admins, In the following message I have described in detail why I was mistakenly banned from the server. I did not use hacks or exploits to cheat in the trade server, nor did I have any third party programs latched onto the game at the time. I merely overheard a voice conversation about the exploiters that I was in the same server as. Such people mentioned included nepgamer, Lord Trebby and Saint Bepis. I then decided that this had no relation to me and went afk for about 15 - 30 minutes, where when I came back, I was filed a ban from the server. To describe what happened, I myself and others were constantly killed by these three people (all snipers) while i was on the red team. I gradually got sick of it and changed to the blue team, where the possible exploiters were so I wouldn't be killed as much. Since I myself am a sniper main, I may have been lumped in with the cheaters after switching teams and going afk, even though I did nothing. I had no full idea at the time that these people might have been exploiting also, if I cheated I would've gotten a VAC ban, but it hasn't happened yet and I don't think it will, which is why i'm filing this appeal. I have no idea if this image will help or not, but it's worth a shot img: the people who were killed on my team (including me) while trying to kill the possible exploiters. The person in !tp is me