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    Im applying for an Administrator because I want to improve my moderation skills, help out the server, and spend more time in it. Ive been dabbling in moderation for a while now and am deciding to start fresh. Ive worked in graphic design and animation at my school for 3 years. Hopefully I can help with the website and servers. Im actually open to web designer as well if you need one. I spend all week playing on this server and wish to help out. I'm fully ready to step up to the task and am waiting to donate. I can dedicate 4-6 hours a day on this server. I do need time for schools as well so If i have a big quiz the next day my time may be reduced to 1-2 hours. Moderation has always been big part of my life, coming from working on minecraft servers, csgo, and No More Room in hell. Ive also spent 1000 hours playing team fortress 2 and have seen all types of bad and good moderation. I will be fair and ready when determining whether or not to mute, kick, or ban somebody, and I'm not afraid to talk to someone directly. EGC has been a big part of my life recently and im excited to see where it goes. Thanks, Fanzy