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  1. UberNoods

    -FPJ- Ubercharged Noodles

    thank youuuu!
  2. UberNoods

    -FPJ- Ubercharged Noodles

    Hello again! I am here to once again talk about my ban. I realise what I did provoked many problematic situations and I will refrain to allow that from happening ever again. I genuinely wish to apologize for what happened and have taken your regards to allowing time to heal my wounds. Personally, I still miss EGC and really wish to be part of it's community once more.(Also if you guys are doing any more of those fun little giveaways... I got plenty to contribute for them. ) I'm a bit unsure of what else to say... but I really do apologize with all of my heart and soul and hope to see you all again. :,) Yours Truly Noodles
  3. UberNoods

    Ubercharged Noodles

    Due to the situation of how I was banned, I believe I've learned my lesson during the time I was gone. I've grown extremely worried for the sake of EGC due to other things I have heard going on ever since Miss Freakshow left. Certain individuals have been telling me not much trading goes on anymore and personally I don't wanna see my favorite server go into shambles. The reason for the early appeal is because of the realization of a simple solution; Just don't make private group chats with untrustworthy people/TOTAL strangers. If there's any possible way for an early unban, please do let me know... I'd be extremely delighted to see you all again. However, if not this early, I do promise to keep myself in check. I've been making sure of who I talk to and who I'm associated with ever since the incident that occurred on Discord. Just shoot me a message once you're able to. Thank you for your time as well. Yours truly, Ubercharged Noodles
  4. UberNoods

    Ubercharged Noodles

    I am applying for this position because I want to be a helpful member of the EGC TF2 community and allow the server to be a regulated but fun environment for every player to enjoy. I believe that with my talents in art and my welcoming and spunky personality would be beneficial to the EGC moderation team. I hope I can be of eventual service and earn a position with the EGC moderation team! :D