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  1. RipperDragonix

    Ripper Dragonix

    I've been staff around 4 months in NGS. It would not conflict as I can tend to reports via calladmin to NGS. My days vary but Im more available within 10am- 3pm EST and 11 pm - 3 am EST almost everyday. In my days off available the whole day.
  2. RipperDragonix

    Ripper Dragonix

    First of all, let's get the basic things out of the way: *One of the cleanest SteamReps If I do say so myself. *Just hit the 15k hours in TF2. * Current donor at EGC. = Yes. * 28 Years Old. Now that I got that out of the way. I'm one of those TF2 Veterans that(even though casual and MVM are fun) loves to chill on trade servers. I think they bring the best of both worlds, when it comes to deathmatch and trading all in one place. I am applying here for staff to be able to keep the peace on the server. As much as someone would like to be enjoy their day and the people on a the server, there is always going to be that troublemaker that will join specifically to make a mess out of it, that is when I would like to be able to step in and do something. I know is tedious for the staff to get there in game when they are doing something else, but I quite enjoy it. If there is anything I can do to keep the server from turning into bad chaos(cuz there is always good chaos) I'd like to do so. I have been admin on plenty of trade servers in the past and I'm currently staff on NGS Network. I am an experienced trader and collector that knows his way around every scam attempted out there. I know how to handle spycrab runners, hackers and the usual micspam/earrape. I understand most of the staff is from AU so I would be able to squeeze in the hours that they are not available. Any questions, please don't doubt in asking. Thanks for your time.