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    Currently programming with Python, TF2 trader and CS:GO trader.

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  1. JoshuaSC1437

    Forgot this community had a website...

    owo hello
  2. JoshuaSC1437

    Genetically Modified Turtle

  3. JoshuaSC1437

    Genetically Modified Turtle

    Noble Spartan V accused me of mic spamming and muted me for 30 minutes only because I spoke to close to the mic for a second. Screenshot: Yes it was wrong of me to talk loud but muting someone instantly for that is abuse.
  4. JoshuaSC1437

    Genetically Modified Turtle

    Just to let you know, I am going to be at a week long camp tomorrow where I can't use any electronics. It may take up to a week for me to respond. Thanks. -Josh
  5. JoshuaSC1437

    Genetically Modified Turtle

    A day ago I changed my name but changed it back to my original steam name. I am active on your servers. I did join your discord and I plan on using it for trading purposes. I updated my profile with a link to my discord profile if you would like to see. Thanks. -Josh
  6. Right now selling craft hats for 1.33 ref each. If an item is way off in price (like .66) Then I will figure a deal out. Send me a trade at: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=280912930&token=3Cd8CsWo
  7. JoshuaSC1437

    Genetically Modified Turtle

    Hello KeRRR, I have experience with the program Python, I am still learning Python but can still make fairly decent programs. I currently have not posted any projects yet in GitHub however I do have an account. Link to GitHub account: https://github.com/JoshuaSC1437 I am 19 years old and just recently graduated from High school. Thank you for replying to my application and I hope to join your team soon. -Josh
  8. JoshuaSC1437

    Genetically Modified Turtle

    Hello, the reason I am applying for this position is to contribute to the Endless Gamers community. I have been around your servers for some time and I understand the type of people that join these servers. I feel I would be great for this job because I have both experience on CS:GO and TF2. I also have a full understanding of the rules/guidelines. I also have a full understanding and experience of TF2's economy. I hope to be a part of your staff but if I am rejected I will fully understand and continue to support your servers.