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  1. goatalfredo


    Hey, Its me Dr. Goat Man. This is my second application, my other one was not declined, I simply requested it be archived by KeRRR. Archived application So I took a very long break from TF2 and ultimately steam. From that time I have been playing on a Minecraft server called Datblock as a staff member. I have been staff on that server for a few months now and I'm starting to become interested in playing TF2 again. My main reason for leaving TF2 was from stress related to trading and me becoming impatient with my last application as it was left open for a while. But now that trials are open I'm very interested in trying out again and hopefully becoming staff, but the only downside is that I haven't been incredibly active on EGC or Steam as of late, but I am willing to dedicate time and effort into EGC. About me/my account: I am currently 16 years old. I have 4,005 hours in TF2. 800 + hours on EGC (35 days connection time * 24 + 17) I am a lifetime donor for EGC, I've also donated many unusuals to LiMaaa in the past. Experienced in trading and can offer assistance to player in need. I am aware of the server rules. Never been banned, or muted. Very active on discord as it always open on a separate monitor. Clean steamrep. Timezone: PDT Schedule: Just school, which is from 8 am to 3 pm roughly. I usually have the rest of the day to be online other than homework or any other activities that may appear. I ultimately wish to have fun and help moderate this server, and I really hope I can be truly considered during this trial application time. Thank you for reading.
  2. goatalfredo

    24/7 LookOut Bot

    I agree with the idea of only having the video being recorded during events in which something that can be used as evidence occurs. Couldn't you have the footage be saved with a timestamp so that when someone reports something, they could give the relative time the event happened, and footage that wasn't requested by users for reports could be scrapped after X time. I don't think that would be too overwhelming, since only footage that's needed could be reviewed on request. Not 24/7 but only on certain events. + 1
  3. Almost everyday, when I join the servers, there's at least one person idling either in spawn or in spectate, often for hours at a time. Its pointless to have someone just sit in the server if their just AFK in my opinion, just seems like wasted space. I suggest setting the time one could A FK to about an hour to an hour in a half, if their AFK any longer than that, there really is no reason for someone to be there. I left an image for example! Let me know your thoughts below, I would like to hear someone else opinion! 😁
  4. goatalfredo

    Dr. Goat Man

    After a few months of contemplating whether or not to apply for a position, here it is. I'm applying because I am a very regular member of the EGC community, and I would like to help regulate the server in my free time. From my experience when I play (PDT), there is hardly ever any admins online, and most are from AU. I have never been an admin for any server before, but that's mainly because I have not ever found a server I would dedicate time to for the sake of the community. About me/info on me regarding server I'm 15, 16 on June 8. Sophomore in Highschool, school year almost over. Almost 4,000 hours on TF2. No bans. Lifetime Donor. Have been muted/gagged? before, but purely out of memes, and none of them were ever longer than a minute IIRC, I cant even find anything on the sourcebans. Decently sized inventory(in terms of value) [[This in no way measures me as a person but rather how much i value TF2]]. Aware of all rules. Able to identify scam methods. 100% clean Steamrep. Active on Discord, i go by a couple names, currently TurnOneLlanowar. Schedule School: Monday - Friday, 7:55 AM - 2:45 PM, I get home around 3:30 PM. (PDT). No work currently. Football season starts fairly soon, within 2 weeks, which is weekdays 3:30 PM - 6 PM (PDT). Online 80% of my free time, after school until midnight usually. Other 20% spent on homework/hanging out with friends/cooking food for my family. Interesting(?) skills Learning Python, in no means the greatest but i'm learning. Reasonable judgement (Not sure on EGC's punishment methods but will take everything seriously). Trading, background checking. If i'm on TF2, EGC is pretty much what I am always on. Other than that, casual (very rarely), MVM(also very rarely). For any further questions please ask. 😀