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    Please provide a detailed description of what happened and why you should be unbanned. Include any screenshots or recordings. Earlier in the year roughly 4 months ago I was in a group called LW , this group had a member-wide ban where everyone in the group got banned because it was known for cheating, ddosing and doxing, I used to think that all of that stuff was hilarious, and so did the people I hung out with , I never really thought what they were doing was wrong until it affected me my self, they doxed and outcasted me for refusing to kick everyone from a discord I was staff on because of this and a falling out of a group of friends I had I've started to change over the last few months, I've been trying to be less of an ass hole online and less toxic, I've gotten a better mic and stopped mic spamming and I also don't sound like a kid anymore, this all happened to me being more mature of a person. In all honesty I don't think I deserve to be unbanned because I've been a toxic member of the community since 2013, but I'm trying to turn a new leaf, and I don't want to be permanently branded as a toxic person, I played on the TTT server which I really enjoyed, and I don't want to get banned on that server for my past mistakes, I do truly regret all the stuff I've done in the past, and would love to be able to start new. Also, whilst writing this I checked it in Grammarly and it says it detects plagiarism which is funny ( I made sure to check everything this time because i know my spelling and grammar are quite terrible )
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    helo im lem

    hello i'm lem but you can call me: lem, lemr4d, lemur , lil rad Juicey or Flashlight if you're Kerrrr /Limaaa i'm 17 from australia i've met most of you over the years [2013?-2017 with lots of gaps in time , breaks] ....buuut for those whom have not been cursed / blessed with meeting me i say hi, ntmy i listen to rap and stuff like that cause im cool, i play gmod / tf2 / csgo so if you ever see my don't be scared to say hi, also if you ever want too talk about music / games too someone feel free to hmu, always up to talk about something im passionate about. ok thts all bye
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    I think this is long overdue

    It took me getting a dose of my own medicine to realize that what iw as doing is not okay.
  6. lemr4d

    I think this is long overdue

    I didn't ♥♥♥♥ up AD, so theres a start.
  7. I want to say sorry to all the members and staff that i've affected with my immaturity over the past 5? years, i've never really addressed it or brought it up, but i know I've done is not okay, i was relentless rude to staff, and players for way too long, and i never was respectful, i always acted so top shit because i always had a group of people who worshipped me for it pretty much, people thought it was funny so i in turn thought it was funny, Kerrrr and limaaa pretty much had to baby sit me from 2013-2016, and then from then i went from some annoying kid to some rat ♥♥♥♥ of a teen, i've been banned 3 times and muted countless more, i'm not asking for forgiveness or anything like that, i just want you all to know i am truly sorry, specifically Munt3d, Hazz, Rosef, Kerrr, Limmma MsFreakshow jebby and Allanon. I'm not really good with apologies , so i'm just going to end it off with Sorry, thank you for reading.