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    Hello! I wanted to apply for this position for a few reasons, one of which is that I admire the talented staff you already have on hand. They're not flashy or gaudy and they do their jobs, which I respect. The server and the people on it mean a lot to me and I want to continue the process of making it what it has been in my eyes, a fun and unique trade server among the countless bland and unmonitored ones. Now, if you're wondering what I'm like, because I haven't really been around much too long with quite a calamity going on in my life, I am a rule follower. I can definitely make sure players follow server and group rules while in game when there are no other admins online. I'm based out of the U.S. as well and am usually off of work before 5:00 PM Central Time so I can be online during many crucial times, such as when kids just get of of class, or before more common jobholders get released from work. I'm also comfortable holding events on server or helping out in any other way I can. As you can see I do meet all the requirements based on the Steam Page of the group. I probably have over 200 hours in the EGC West server alone with how much I've been on since I first found you guys in September 2017. However, I can understand how some other applicants may seem like a better choice than me as I know some of the players have been around longer than I have and probably want the job just as badly. If you have any other questions to ask me, please feel free to contact me freely at KallenLucifen@gmail.com , or through Steam. I look forward to being on this server for years to come. Sincerely, Kallen