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    24/7 LookOut Bot

    My bad didn't realise it was that hard. Thanks for that insight!

    24/7 LookOut Bot

    After my time in all the different trade servers, a thing that I thought could help EGC a little bit with runners, scammers and abusive users is a 24/7 LookOut Bot which stays on the server 24/7 and would record evidence of everything that is said in chat, mic chat, spycrabs etc. I have seen a lot of people run and not many been caught. I feel this would be very beneficial and also give traders and spycrabbers a bit more trust knowing that if the other person scammed or ran, they would be caught.

    Trade Server Rule Board

    I see what you mean when you say that people will try to abuse the rules and will make bad choices just because they know that the amount of time in a mute will be a certain amount of time. Something to help this would be rewriting them to say specifically, "No Mic Spamming" instead of saying, "don't talk over others."
  4. Even though the rules on the EGC trade servers are there, people tend to ignore them quite often and I feel that if they were rewritten and were structured more clearly with what you shouldn't do and the consequence in detail, it would help the server more. For Example: No Mic Spamming. Consequence: 1st Mute (30 mins), Second Mute (1 hour), 3rd Mute (6 hours), 4th Mute (12 hours), 5th Mute (24 hours), 6th Mute (Permanent). Not only would this help the server and everyone who attends it but it will be much more clear as to what you can and can't do. Not only this but they should be enforced very firmly too.

    Spycrab Rooms

    This would be one of the greatest things to put into the trade plaza servers yet.

    Credit System

    How would these things be introduced into the ranking system? Will all of the above be given to Lifetime+ and only specific ones to donators? Otherwise, Non-Donators will have to obtain them through credits.

    Private Discord Voice Channels

    A great way to fix this problem can be to just have discord channels which hit a maximum of 2 people, 3 people, 4 people and 5 people at once.

    Surf/Bhop servers

    I think an EGC Combat Surf Server would heavily expand the EGC community and would be a great place to have fun surfing and practising specific shots and could still be used for trading.


    You stated you have a microphone, can you speak English fluently? Yes, English is my first language. Do any regulars/staff know you from the servers? Yes, Ms Freakshow, Roosef, Not Bad Looking, LiMaaa, spokermann etc. You said you can be on 4-6 hours every day. Between what time and timezone? I am on mostly from 4 pm - 10 pm SGT (6 pm - 12 pm AEST). Thanks for the questions and feedback on my application!
  10. PSYCHO


    Hello everyone! I would like to apply for an admin position on your staff team because I feel that even though the team is amazing at what they do, I have been joining the server a lot lately and a lot of people get away from mic spamming and interrupting advertisements and just being a general nuisance to our trading community. I feel as if I were to acquire the position, I would do very well in making sure everyone who joins the server has a great experience and would rejoin on several other occasions to trade and enjoy the server's fun community. Also, I think it would make it easier on the current staff team as a lot of their time is being spent on other things such as bug fixes and glitch fixes. Also, things like the new servers coming to our community. If I were to gain this position, I would be forgiving to the community of mic spammers the first time around, but after, I would not hesitate to punish them if they keep on asking for it. I would not abuse my admin powers and I would use my position for the communities sake and not just to become better than everyone else. I have had past experience of being a server admin on different games such as Minecraft. I know how to keep my cool when dealing with people who tend to piss most people off. Not only would giving me this position help your community, but I have a general attendance time of 4 - 6 hours most days of the week. Also, being in a different country would help to control the server around the clock and not just while the current team is awake. Also, I am very obedient. I will do what I am asked and if I come up to a problem, I will either solve it myself or come to a current staff member depending on the situation. Overall, I have a minimum of almost 1,500 hours in the game and love playing it every day. The EGC community is by far my favourite place to be in the game and I have already purchased Lifetime+ to prove that. I have a discord account attached to the EGC discord currently names Airwolf. Currently, I am 15 years old which means that almost every week. I hope this makes it and sees it through! Kind Regards, Airwolf | EGC