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  1. SandvichUnicorn

    Hacker I Never Miss

    We did not make agreement or keep score in server chat as spokermann, notbadlooking and many others were watching and keeping score in voice chat. The person recently came back onto the server and hour ago and told me that they didn't wanna pay up because of their "lag". They then left the server again. Images below of his visit today.
  2. SandvichUnicorn

    Hacker I Never Miss

    Hi, just had a spycrab with a person named "Hacker I Never Miss" on the server. He/She were spycrabbing for 3 ref and one of their hats worth 4 ref, we both agreed on the items. We went ahead and the points were 2-2, the person was sparingly spycrabbing due to "lag" i'm not sure if this was true but he or hers ping was 500. He/She then walked off saying "I quit because of my ping". Spokermann and many other witnesses told he/she that leaving was against the rules and can result in a ban. He/She then left the server and cancelled the trade. Images attached