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  1. do you like lettuce

  2. Jaesuki

    Edward Denham (SniperKingz)

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  3. Jaesuki


    Changed Status to Dismissed
  4. Jaesuki


    Changed Status to Dismissed
  5. Jaesuki


    Changed Status to Dismissed
  6. Jaesuki


    You had been asked/warned multiple times prior to change your spray. Even if you were about to change your spray, you should have changed your spray prior.
  7. Jaesuki

    Edward Denham (SniperKingz)

    Hey, ichron. Care to give me a rundown of what happened? And why you think you should be welcomed back? I see that you were banned for repeatedly advertising third party servers, even after being banned for the first time.
  8. Jaesuki


    Changed Status to Under Review
  9. Jaesuki

    Bepsi Man

    Changed Status to Accepted
  10. Jaesuki

    Bepsi Man

    Changed Status to Under Review
  11. Jaesuki


    Checking up on snipers, watched him for a while then noticed some fishy shots. I'm confident its silent aim given the crosshair placements of some shots. I'll leave it up to you all to decide. 9_2_19_1.dem
  12. Jaesuki


    boop check the demos extraflyevidence.dem fly_4_6_19.dem
  13. Jaesuki

    Chad Thundercock

    Hopped on the servers to check out some reports of harassment, after a bit I saw Chad playing Ambassador Spy and getting some fishy shots, spectated him until he went to Sniper when it was increasingly obvious. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198411620044 http://steamrep.com/search?q=https%3A%2F%2Fsteamcommunity.com%2Fprofiles%2F76561198411620044%2F Important Ticks in attached demo 5000-5500 8000-8200 8800-9000 9600-9900 11500-12000 13300-14000 25800-26200 27100-29100 29700-35500 As you can see when he plays Sniper, especially towards the end, he gets outlandishly fishy and obvious. Most of my own review for the demo was done at the slower playback speeds (around 50%) and in doing so most of the flicks and tracking through walls is hilariously distinct. (Bit of a side note, during the majority of the demo you can see the user ben arguing with the others on the server about him hacking and though its not in the demo, he was also arguing with I and the admin Roosef after the hacker was banned. Not once did ben actually spectate Chad during my time on the server.) 2_3_19_2.dem
  14. Jaesuki


    As per requested, making this report on the suspected hacker lime(https://steamcommunity.com/id/Nurrsha/). Was on the servers investigating a mic spammer when I noticed a sniper getting some unusual shots, suspected it might just be a good player but spectated him just in case. Saw some obvious silent aim, flick aim, and other aimbots. https://youtu.be/VaBtTQeN2JI Condensed youtube video for those who don't wish to view the entire demo. 1_1_19_2.dem
  15. Jaesuki


    Hopped on EGC and saw unnamed hitting some fishy shots so I got Sgt. Noob (STEAM_0:1:77709540) to join a team as the classic invis spy as I recorded. Got a good demo of him using obvious hacks and he left before an admin could get on and ban him. | steamname: Matt | steam3ID: [U:1:491955931] | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:245977965 | steamID64: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198452221659 | customURL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/matt1233 | steamrep: https://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198452221659 unamedhack.dem