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  1. This is so true about our generation

    This video is not very accurate. Not only is this person skewing certain statistics. but he fails to mention how Mental Health and Psychiatric Medicine has only been well understood and documented in the past 20-30 years. This of course, leads to increased awareness surrounding conditions like Depression or Anxiety. An extremely well documented trend of over-diagnosis of Mental Disorders has contributed to the perceived sky-rocketing of such disorders in Generation Y. This isnt to mention that as our understanding of Mental Illness increases, so does our awareness of such conditions, which 20-30 years ago puts it right in Gen Y's backyard. Gen Y is perhaps the most well documented generation in terms of Mental Disorders, and this is no coincidence as I have highlighted earlier. People have always been depressed and anxious and in similar numbers, we just didn't have a word for it, or know the cause of it, or know how to treat it. Over-diagnosis of these conditions is a far more worrying trend. C Citations: Enric Aragonès, Josep Lluís Piñol, Antonio Labad; The Overdiagnosis of Depression in Non-Depressed Patients in Primary Care. Fam Pract 2006; 23 (3): 363-368. doi: 10.1093/fampra/cmi120 Wright, A., McGorry, P. D., Harris, M. G., Jorm, A. F., & Pennell, K. (2006). Development and evaluation of a youth mental health community awareness campaign–The Compass Strategy. BMC public health, 6(1), 215. Boland, R. J., Diaz, S., Lamdan, R. M., Ramchandani, D., & McCartney, J. R. (1996). Overdiagnosis of depression in the general hospital. General hospital psychiatry, 18(1), 28-35.
  2. [TF2] New server map vote!

    Requesting pl_borneo
  3. [TF2] New server map vote!

    Second that. Anything but 2fort please. Or atleast chuck it on with a PL/CP mix.
  4. Overheard at EGC

    7:47 AM - DrRocksoTheRockAndRollClown: It's like having your cake. And ♥♥♥♥ing it in the ass too.
  5. :(

    Quality shit post
  6. Ruin a Wish

    Smokes now cost tax free prices but you can only smoke pouches of Longbeach yellow I wish that I was the CEO of a fortune 500 company and the primary shareholder
  7. Wicked Beats for Mediz

    I love Jews
  8. Ruin a Wish

    Might aswell dry and chop lettuce leaves, but thats basically Longsand already
  9. Ruin a Wish

    The user grows another half of their brain only for a violent and aggressive tumor to grow which gives them only weeks left to live. I wish I had a lifetime supply of tobacco
  10. Remember the time you banned yourself for 60 seconds after a few whiskies? You couldn't rejoin for a good 4-5 minutes
  11. Trusted

    6 admins to service a community of nearly 6,000 should probably tell you that more admins are needed
  12. An all too real convo

    Seen this one on reddit before. The son filmed and uploaded it to a furry/brony forum to show how much of a bad person his Mum is. Backfired on him pretty bad.
  13. An all too real convo

    That was so painful to listen to, that poor woman.
  14. Not bad at all. You need to adjust the composite lines slightly near the shoulders and the tie/chest area as those were the first discrepancies I noticed. Depending how much freedom Shad has given you on the rendition I'd come up with my own insignia and colour scheme. Your current sketch is much better than your early sketch, so safe to say your work is developing well. Wacom is an excellent brand according to my missus, she draws on hers often. I don't dabble much in digital personally, brush/pencil on canvas/paper is my jam. Solid work, keep it up.