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    Hello there my name is Anthony but I sometimes go by Anthony Argentina or Argentina_158. I've been coming to EGC on and off for about 2 years now, so I felt like it was about time I introduced myself. I"m a big Dragon Ball fan I prefer the original over the others but I still enjoy the over all entertainment. I like memes and Pepsi I really Love Pepsi its the drink of our Generation, any way I play a variety of games between TF2,Terraria ,G-Mod,Rocket League,(any Bethesda game pretty much),GTA 5,DBX (1&2),Borderlands 2,and LFD2. IRl im just an 18 year old in his last few days of high school with a part-time landscaping job so nothing to fancy other than that Im just me and me is what your going to get so other than that its all you need to know about me.