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  1. hamburgercrisis

    Long Overdue Introduction

    I am hamburger crisis, I've been playing TF2 since 2011 and my first impression to those on the server was definitely not a pleasant one. I was the edgy "Sniper Main" everyone hated and had the ego that surpassed the size of the sun. A couple days ago I revealed that was nothing more than a front, and I was actually capable of being nice and modest, but I chose not to because when I first came there I had intentions of just stomping trade servers with Sniper. I decided to do that big reveal because I realized how much I've grown fond of the community overtime, especially with the admins that run it. Aside from that though, I'm an SFM artist who is currently looking to get into graphic design and I'm hoping to get to know this community better.
  2. hamburgercrisis


    blatant cheater. instantly snaps onto players. edit (more elaboration): it's obvious even in third person, look how he instantly snaps onto players, more signs of throwaway accounts due to achievements that you get very early in the game, and shooting at friendlies because his aimbot settings probably target the closest enemy to him,
  3. hamburgercrisis

    let me lick your tears

    http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198109848622 Found his main account. I googled his Steam ID and I came across a ban on his account which stated that it was the alternate of the account I linked. It was a ban from NeonHeights. EDIT: Not to mention, I recognize that name. And judging by his playstyle, he was well aware of how the killstreak bonus mechanics work on the server. He might have been a regular.
  4. hamburgercrisis


    I was advertising I was Sniper dueling for items. He hits me up and he wagers a Yeti Smash Taunt, and I wager my Dragon Slayer Dragon's Fury Taunt. Our terms were first to 10 wins. Once I 9-0 him he tries to persuade me into calling it off, despite the agreement we have made. The round eventually restarted and I gave him several chances to redeem himself. None of which came to happen. Sorry if this looks like a jumbled mess. These are screenshots of the agreement we made and when the duel was cut short due to a round reset. I do have witnesses that can be named upon being asked.