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  1. Stringers

    The dead String Cheese maybe dead for awhile

    Guess who's back
  2. Stringers

    The dead String Cheese maybe dead for awhile

    I need to get a proper gaming PC. Got no money and I need to get work. I'm studying in I.T though, since I like being a tech-wiz.
  3. Hi, long time no see. I might be not on that much as I usually was years ago. As it is, I still have my shit PC and I'm broke to buy a gaming one. I will come back, eventually. Just seeing what everyone been up too. Hope you all have a great Christmas. Stringers :)
  4. Stringers

    Lagoon Vibes

  5. Stringers


  6. Stringers

    Discord Emoji Suggestions!

    Some may remember me called String Cheese.
  7. Stringers


    The teamspeak server hasn't had anyone one. I haven't seen anyone on the egc ts server, been checking every once while. Everyone has left it behind. Maybe making a discord server might be the way to go.