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    TF2 Powerups!

  2. RumbleFrog

    TF2 Powerups

  3. RumbleFrog

    Source Chat Relay

    That feature has been added in v0.0.7 pre-release. Feel free to test it out!
  4. RumbleFrog

    Source Chat Relay

    It's open sourced at https://github.com/rumblefrog/source-chat-relay
  5. RumbleFrog

    Source Chat Relay

    Of course, I'm always listening for feedback. If you could open an issue on the repo to keep track, I'll get to making a simplified option.
  6. RumbleFrog

    Reaction Roles Discord!

    Seeing as I'm getting some Patreon supporters, I'll be focusing on this bot more, currently in a rapid development phase.
  7. RumbleFrog

    Reaction Roles Discord!

    Introducing another project 😉 basic_setup.mp4 Check it out @ https://reaction-role.com
  8. RumbleFrog

    Source Map Thumbnails

  9. RumbleFrog

    Map Source Map Thumbnails

    SRC: https://github.com/RumbleFrog/Source-Map-Thumbnails
  10. Hello, I was bored one day and decided to create an Instagram username checker incorporating modern responsive design and fast operation. Latest Version: 1.2.3 Download: https://keybase.pub/rumblefrog/dl/IG/ Note: On the rare chance it gets stuck on parsing stage, simply reload the app. May not be up to date with newer versions, but feel free to scan them on VirusTotal yourself. Windows VirusTotal (One false positive): https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/59ff899258cdc4c6255ace3891963035571badb7e9a3940d4003e222fe255954/detection MacOS VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/d01dd1259438bc613691900dc64529b61b784d886e495f06524c24ecff230eae/detection Linux VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/4ee2b4319f8642ac285795dc93be57641ab4e655d059387b99533a7fffb1829a/detection
  11. RumbleFrog

    CIDR CIDR Blocker (https://cidr-blocker.github.io)

    Sourcemod is only limited to the information the client provides upon connecting, which does not include hardware information, unfortunately.
  12. Blocks CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) IP Ranges *** Potential Uses Block VPNs to prevent hackers Block certain ISPs Block certain countries ConVar sm_cidr_log - Enable blocked logging [Default: 1.0] (Min: 0.0) (Max: 1.0) Database Structure CIDR_LIST CIDR_WHITELIST CIDR_LOG (Used when sm_cidr_log is 1.0) Installation Extract CIDR_Blocker.smx to /addons/sourcemod/plugins Create cidr_blocker entry in your database.cfg (Optional | Recommended) Import https://github.com/CIDR-Blocker/CIDR-Blocker/blob/master/imports/datacenters.sql into cidr_list table Resources CIDR Blocker Official Site - https://cidr-blocker.github.io ASN Blocklist - https://www.enjen.net/asn-blocklist/ Pre-made SQL script of most datacenters - https://github.com/CIDR-Blocker/CIDR-Blocker/blob/master/imports/datacenters.sql Plans & Bugs Issue tracker Changelog Commits Download Download the latest version from the release page. Source You can view the source here. License GPL-3.0 Icon made by Freepik from http://www.flaticon.com
  13. RumbleFrog

    About Me Howdy EGC Peps

    Who Am I? Known as Fishy on Discord or RumbleFrog on my various social media profiles. I'm a freelance full-stack developer and has been for about five years now. I started at the age of 11 (Yes 11), that means I'm currently at the age of 16! Now, I know what you're thinking: there's no way this kid started that early, but believe me, even I didn't believe, I guess it's all genetics - I'm a moderator for the SourceBans++ community - I'm currently the lead-developer in a small TF2 Dodgeball community MaxDB What do I do? Full-stack Developer What's a full-stack developer you may ask? Track! I'm currently a sprinter on my Indoor Season 2018 Track team. And soon to be in the on the Outdoor team... once the weather over here gets better. Things I hate & like - I love discussing alternative efficient ways of developing things with people - I absolutely hate people that cannot use Google for mere 5 seconds to search for answers before coming to me for help, if you're one of those, I'm most likely giving you an LMGTY link. - I love playing with squads! That means I enjoy playing games like PUBG, League of Legends, and of course TF2! My Work - Most of my public projects are on my Github profile - You can find my published (So not all public projects) Sourcemod projects at Alliedmods and private Sourcemod projects at my personal site Connect with me! - Feel free to add me on Steam! (Keep in mind, I perform regular friend list cleaning) - Write to me on Keybase!
  14. RumbleFrog

    About Me Howdy EGC Peps

    Feel free to ask me for programming help; I'm fluent in JS, SourcePawn, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS/LESS/SASS, Python, MySQL, and Unix Bash!
  15. RumbleFrog

    DEAL ChronoGG Notification

    If don't know what ChronoGG is You can also obtain free games by going to the site every day and clicking on the coin icon to build up a streak, and unlock large coin bonus at certain streak. And you can use those coins to buy games! What I'm offering is a wrapper for ChronoGG, a Steam Bot! A simple Steam bot with the sole purpose of notifying you of ChronoGG deals on a daily! Just simply add the bot, and you’re good to go! Every day, around 1 PM (EST), the bot will send you messages with today’s deal, pricing and a brief description from Steam store. And in case you missed the messages, you can use !replay to replay the messages to you. The Bot will also send you a message when new games are added to the shop available for purchase with coins! If you don’t feel like receiving notification for a while, you may use !toggle to switch off/on your notification! Bot Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198718750637158 Chat Screenshot: