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  1. Favourite games to play?

    Hi, nice to meet you I'm pozzie , mine are; tf2,medieval 2, fortnite, starwars battlefront 2 , and some even more older oblivion
  2. Count to 100

    13, the age I started on tf2
  3. Count to 100

    9,/11 ( no offence )
  4. Count to 100

    7 ,+ 11 will be my age :)
  5. Count to 100

    I think you need to take those math lessons minidove , anyway 4 the age you were forced to go to kindergarten
  6. Count to 100

    Rules: one person can't do two numbers at a time like 1,2 you must wait until someone else says the number , and if you can have a little tag or something to do with the number , ok let's see how far we can go :) 1 , the first one of our journey
  7. Hiya

    Thanks oldling:)
  8. Hiya

    Cheers Luna :)
  9. Hiya

    Thnx sethwing ❤️, nice to meet you :)
  10. Hiya

    Thanks keRRR :D, nice meeting you :)
  11. Hiya

    crap , well it's the 12th , I hate when I make mistakes sorry mister minidove ;-;
  12. Hiya

    Thanks minidove , one question you don't have many people with my age here ? Or you mean how close it is to Christmas XD, nice to meet you btw :) see ya later
  13. Hiya

    Hi everyone in EGC, my name is pozzie , poz, pozy,pom pom, whatever you want to call me :), I'am from the community SMT (smexy trading) I was a donator on there, but i'am looking to find a better community to call home and I thought EGC would be a good start, I am 17 (21-21-2000) I'am warm and bubbly but serious when needed, I'am a natural leader in group situations, I cant wait to meet all of you guys in the community :)