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  1. Zengo


    I have had an Application sometime ago but it was deleted due to it being out of date. I want to be admin because I feel I can be a huge help to EGC,run a server and keep everyone in line and have a good time. I also have tons of free time that can be used to be an admin on the server. I have been told that i have good investigation skills that could be suited for a admin role I take my time and listen to both sides of the story if anything should ever arise I also am great at video editing and do it as a hobby in my time. I run my own youtube channel as i do gameplay videos and sometimes PSA videos(public service announcement) and many other videos. My youtube can be found here I like to Play tf2 and other games like Blazblue Cross Tag Battle,Skullgirls and MK9 I am a current donator on the server(I think it ends soon) As for my availability I am always online and I have tons of free time So I am ready and waiting to become an admin I am 30 years old and my birthday is 02-13-1988 Thanks for reading Zengo
  2. Zengo

    Zengo | trade.tf

    yes i am sorry just been busy lately plus i was hacked on steam recently but yes i am interested in a position still just contact me via discord if you want to talk to me
  3. Moving the giveaway to a later date 

  4. slight change in my giveaway announcement i had to edit this but the admins will be helping me do this giveaway so just be on the server between now and late saturday 

  5. just gave away 4 free awperhands to random people on the us egc server today i feel good

  6. what should i do today?

  7. its my birthday today so thanks in advance for the birthday wishes and thanks to those who gave me gifts

  8. i am in good spirits today

  9. Zengo

    Zengo | trade.tf

    thanks KeRRR i am glad to hear that
  10. servers were empty today

  11. i need more sleep

  12. I had a successful stream today  

  13. Today I will be streaming on youtube not much happends there but if you want to watch let me know on discord or here and i will reply

  14. I have a bowl of gummy worms and bears. Awesome!

  15. I want pie.

    1. LiMaaa


      What kind of pie? 

    2. Zengo


      cherry pie