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    Lazy. But i love my Carausius morosus ;3

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  1. elroburien79

    Upcoming Releases that you are excited for?

  2. Hey what's up ? That's a dangerous bug i discovered few days ago.. it's only working for the donators ( and admins maybe ) Step 0 : pick the SNIPER class !! Step 1 : type /resizeme in chat ( normally , this command put you directly in friendly mod ) Step 2 : normally a thing appear in the left with : Choose a Size: 1. 60% - Small 2. 100% - Normal 3. 160% - Large Don't pick or select a size ! Step 3 : type /friendly in the chat. Step 4 : After this , you're actually in normal mod ( the tryhard mod ) BUUUUT you can actually select the 60% or the 160% .. so choose one of this two sizes. Step 5 : You're actually resized and you can still shoot. weird huhu ? Thanks for reading this.. i hope you will fix this bug soon as possible ^-^ Edit : you can still doing damage and swap with the other classes !
  3. elroburien79

    Can't spawn in

    Got the same problem sometimes.. maybe type : *autoteam* in console
  4. elroburien79


    i normally get one soon Edit : 21/09/2018 Got a mic now :3
  5. elroburien79


    My Timezone is (UTC+01:00) Bruxelles, Copenhague, Madrid, Paris ^^
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    Wello , admins or you who read this! My name is Angela! (elroburien is my nickname from where i'm living.. or Angie ), I'm 21 years old and i'm an animal addict ( Pelomedusa and pogonas are my babys ).+ doing inventories of species in forest . I have pretty raw humor and I like chill. I have joined the forums only in January, but the trade servers few years agos. I want dedicate myself for EGC since i donated for the Lifetime+ ( in the last winter if i'm not wrong). I have near 5400 hours in TF2 (now i'm at 5375). I finally make a choice and i decided to take my courage with both hands and post in admin's apply because I have a lot of quality to emphasize and I want to share them for egc. I really want help the communauty because my body shoots mindset is totally different from others. And i do not really want my favorite server to have problems. You can check here my SteamRep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198097102281 And here my Steam profile ;3 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198097102281 Thank you for reading this and see you later in EGC servers