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    Introductions Needed

    Oh boy, how to start one of these off.... Well, first thing I should say is 'Hi, my name is Lone Star' and go from there. I started playing Team Fortress 2 around the end of December 2012 back when Mecha Engie was still a thing and didn't know what I was getting into at first, but as I played the game and got familiar with how it works it began to grow on me and I have been playing since and have no plans on quitting ever. I play a lot of Mann vs Machine and occasionally play casual mode when ever I feel like it or I may just hop on to a random 32 man 2fort server. Other games I play other than TF2 include Borderlands, L4D, Portal, World of Tanks and Warships, HotH, Diable III and for the hell of it, Toontown. As for my IRL self: I am a 23 year old Texan with an Associates Degree in Electronics Technology in preparation to work as an Electronics Technician for the FBI and hoping to get my own gaming pc setup in the near future. Other than all the boring crap above, I'm just a new person on the EGC servers and that's all anyone needs to know. Thanks for taking the time to read, take care, stay safe, and I will catch you all in the next session.