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  1. spokermann

    Uncalled for kindness

    Can we just take the time to acknowledge and thank each and every staff member supporting the Endless Gamers Community, but today, one in particular stands out for me. Im sure you all know and love (mostly), our head admin Allanon. Today, on the US server, us retards decided it would be a clever idea to do a 300 key spycrab to try our luck. The end result was a clear 3-1 win for Allanon. So, as agreed, i payed my half of the crab, and moved on. However, Either out of the kindness of his heart, or whatever level of intoxibility he was at, on his own accord, he made the decision to return my item, despite the fact he had won it in a fair gamble. To be at this level of friendship with someone you have never met in your life, but have vaguely gotten to know here and there and all around EGC, for someone to be that kind and that generous deserves recognition without a doubt. Allanon, I thank you for what you have done today, and for everyone else in this community, this is the kind of generousity and kindness to learn from. Simple yet uncalled for acts of kindness can really make someones day, and are one of the many morals that should be nurtured and supported in this community. Rant over, but Al, youre a ♥♥♥♥in legend mate, and i just hope the rest of the community agrees with me
  2. spokermann

    New Beginnings

    I am migrating from my old account on the forums "Hackermann 2000" to my steam account with the display name "spokermann". Just to avoid any confusion, i decided just to let you guys know here :D