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  1. It's great that the discord is up and everyone is enjoying it, but can "@everyone" be restricted to head admins and up only? It pings everyone in the server no matter what they are doing and really has no point being around. Several people have voiced their discomfort with people using "@everyone" all the time yet people (including a certain staff member) continue to do it. Now I wasn't going to list people using it to annoy people but since writing this it has continued, so I feel I should. MsFreakshow [EGC PET] Kitty littlemadtiger I don't care if these guys get punished or not, all I care about is "@everyone" getting restricted to people that aren't going to abuse it.
  2. normal and deathrun because my boi dr.face makes sick maps.
  3. get like top 10 guild and get a skycastle :^) too bad the peeps with them are all hella nerds
  4. I think I downloaded it and ran it on an emulator a couple years ago, not entirely sure
  5. ehh, I'm just waiting for a crash twinsanity remake.
  6. Not to sound like a douche, but did you even watch the video? It's simply for custom games not custom gamemodes. Blizzard has always been very finicky with allowing players to run their own versions of any of their games so I don't think we will ever see custom gamemodes made by players on overwatch. ever.
  7. maybe slowly move events onto the forums?
  8. Just a heads up, LiMaa and KeRRR are already in the process of building a map for EGC. Not trying to dash your dreams but yeah, though I'd let you know -1, Due to a recent image found by a player: I beleive you should be removed from the community more then anything.
  9. Ehh, might just be my taste but I rather the small clips rather then a large one. Humour wears off quickly for me in that situation
  10. supposedly you cant get off to your own drawings. or so I have heard :^)
  11. FREE

    its more in benefit of the user handing out the code rather then the user using the code.
  12. conn cap is my favourite hat man
  13. Although only 13 keys, Connoisseur's Cap blizzardy storm :^) Blizzardy storm is best effect
  14. maybe just use shadowplay
  15. o fuk im a classic