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  1. MadeBySanny TRADING

    I think we made part of the agreement in the chat. He said we were just going to RPS one Refined Metal though. The other part happened in the Steam Trade window where we agreed to RPS the Rocket Launcher Skins.
  2. MadeBySanny TRADING

    I do believe it happened on this Monday. (10-2-17). It was happening around 8 o' Clock. I hope that'll be okay, so you can check the chat logs then. Until then, that's the time and I'll still be trying to get evidence. I know someone else who helped me report him, and may have evidence? I can't be sure, so don't rely on it.
  3. MadeBySanny TRADING

    I'm sorry I couldn't get more evidence, and I thank you for at least trying to help. Is there really any way I could get more evidence?
  4. MadeBySanny TRADING

    Listen. I'm not sure if this screenshot is good evidence, but I know it's bad. Also, the person I listed that scammed me, they may have changed their account settings/profile picture/name. But this is what happened. We were gambling with a game of RPS. I betted a MW-American Pastoral and he put in a Festive Blackbox. (He agreed). I won, 3-1, and when I did so he left the game. Can someone help me? My username is The Bolshevik. In the screenshot, it shows the console. His name was MadeBySanny Trading, and mine was the Bolshevik. You could see the conversation, and you could see him leave. Thank you for your help. (note: madenysanny trading was actually reported on steam for scamming, but he claimed, 'stupid jerks did it') trade_plaza_fix_v30004.tga trade_plaza_fix_v30005.tga