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  1. Nightfire


    For starters, I edited that post just yesterday as I forgot to add the solution to it. The issue was fixed only by me getting a VPN somewhere around the time of january where I wiped my PC successfully. Second, yes, there are a huge variety of VPN users around the world who use VPNs for their own personal use, not that I agree with most of the uses, but the thing that I'm hearing is that a cheater would have to know and frequent EGC in order to cheat and get banned on it. That's not the case, anyone from Tempe, Scottsdale or whatever surrounding town can come around and magically get the same IP for whatever reason they choose. Not to mention some people use premium VPNs for that, also while you can note that EGC's US WEST server is quite popular. And I hope you haven't ruled out the possibility that other VPNs may also use that IP, considering the chance that it's most likely not a dedicated IP. Once more, I'd like for you to not ignore my previous points, one of them being why SourceSleuth would take such a long time to "detect" me as an "alternate" account, and the other being an assessment of the cheater himself and the comparison of it to me. Oh, might I demand from you what proof do you want? I can likely dig through some windows files and check the first time a VPN was used, if you're really that intent on removing me from playing.
  2. Nightfire


    The "proof" you provided has absolutely nothing to do with me. To start, TF2 and Steam itself were starting to become inoperable. Back in the month of October, I was constantly complaining about TF2 not launching a particularly large amount of times, and this is evident in the screenshots you will see below. Some have photos within the screenshots which detail my issues preventing me from starting up TF2 or even starting Steam. I spoke of this in a thread made one week after the ban of the other completely unrelated perpetrator. Second, and let's begin this one with common sense: Why would I join the server on an alt, purposely cheat with an extremely easy-to-detect aimbot, after I've DONATED to the server, held up a positive reputation, applied for admin, and kept my record clean? I don't hold grudges against people, DEFINITELY not as far as to take the time to make TWO accounts, mind you, cheat, and then get banned and two months later log in with my "main". That's just logic and reasoning. I know you've had issues with cheaters before, but an extremely high to almost all of the portion of cheaters on the servers are people who are brand-new to the community and haven't joined the discord, the forums, conversed with people a while, or logged many hours in TF2, like that Twilight Sparkle cheater you had a while back who was rightfully and subsequently banned multiple times for alts. Third, why would it make sense to ban me for a PUBLIC IP address that is passed around on a VPN service, of which there are thousands, hundred thousands, and even millions of IPs? I'd like to see your evidence of "me" using that IP to cheat, me "owning" those two accounts, and I'd also like for you to assess the behavior of the cheater you mentioned and see if they spoke, acted, chatted, behaved ANYTHING like me. Fourth and finally, WHY would it take SourceSleuth MONTHS starting from the ban on the offender's account to find my "main" account and ban me then? Why would it take weeks from when I started going onto the EGC server again to "catch" me and ban me while not forgetting that I constantly but not consistently use a VPN to log into the server due to my ISP stopping me from accessing even trade windows? I don't know about you, but that sure as hell sounds like a mixture of bad luck and being on the wrong IP, of course assuming that we're not overlooking the fact that I've never downloaded cheats for Team Fortress 2 nor have I been to any sites that offer any. Not to mention I'm sure SourceSleuth isn't slacking in speed considering the updates it gets. I find it incredibly insulting to me that you would automatically assume that I cheat because of an IP address used by a VPN. You're saying I shouldn't shift blame onto someone else, but you're shifting the blame of a cheater who is completely unrelated to me aside from IP addresses onto ME. I hope it was worth writing this, because I sure know that I am completely of innocence and have never cheated. I have evidence not only in these screenshots, but also in my PC, in which I can provide even more evidence if this ungodly number of screenshots isn't enough. Screenshots:
  3. Nightfire


    Yes, I do indeed use Betternet, which is a free VPN. I use it to trade, due to my ISP blocking me from even accessing trade windows and certain websites which just staggers my performance. From what people have told me, it may have switched me to an IP already used by someone else to join the server. The old account is no longer in use and now depreciated, here's the link to it. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198066527041
  4. Nightfire


    I tried to join this afternoon at 5:04 Arizona time, and I was told I was banned and to check the sourcebans page. Turns out I was banned by the automated SourceSleuth for having a "duplicate account". No clue why this has happened, because the only "alternate" account I know of is the old TF2 account which I wasn't using at the time from which I recovered my old items from being named "Alen's old stuff" after taking the items from it. I recall nobody joining any of the EGC servers on that account, and using this account and this account only to join. I doubt this is a ban made deliberately, as again, I've never accessed either of the EGC servers using an alternate.
  5. Nightfire

    TF2 failing to update

    @Luna Yeah, I'm sure, because that's support for server bugs, applications, reports, etc. Not for someone who wants to get their TF2 back into working condition.
  6. Nightfire

    TF2 failing to update

    This is probably the wrong place to put this thread, but because there's really no other thread to put it into, and this is related to TF2, I've decided this is the most appropriate spot. So right when the jungle inferno update rolled around, I came home to an update. Simple, right? Well, no. Of course not. This just had to occur. So, I thought "There's an easy fix for this. I've dealt with it before." (which I actually have) and I decided to start doing the norm; verifying my game cache, changing download regions, etc. Still, no yield. I tried restarting my PC 5 times; 2 of them being manual restarts and 3 being BSODs, namely PAGED_ERROR_IN_NONPAGED_AREA and SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION as usual. If this sounds confusing to you, trust me, it is. I don't know what causes it, but I haven't been able to link it directly to steam at all. Anyways, after that, the update still wouldn't start. Tried clicking play. Nothing. Tried RESETTING my download cache. Still nothing. Then I had the bright idea to hit up google. "That's how everyone fixes their busted PCs, right?", I thought. Of course I was wrong. I was desperate enough to open up CMD and try stopping a service called DiagTrack, or something along those lines even though I had no clue what I was even stopping. Access Denied. I then relaunched CMD in administrator, and it successfully stopped the process. You'd think doing that would even help me in the slightest bit, right? Take a big guess. Bottom line is I need help and I'm willing to do pretty much anything besides reinstalling steam and TF2. Those already took a week to install, and I'm not dealing with that on a weekend. And if you don't mind, don't make some stupid joke about how I need better internet or I need a better PC, because that won't help and you're just going to waste your time. Oh, yeah, also, one more thing: EDIT: Tried using steam beta to download and this happened. Now it's bricked. EDIT 2: Wiped my PC and used 3 different operating systems, then started using a VPN and it now works.
  7. Nightfire

    RTD perks explained!

    But that's boooooooring.
  8. Nightfire

    RTD perks explained!

    I wish Team Criticals worked outside of admin commands. It'd be so fun.
  9. Nightfire

    Banning for Trial Admins.

    I think a new privilege for trial admins should be instated. Instead of not having the ability to ban for trials, allow them to ban up to a day (or any desired time). Any ban that requires an extension, such as a cheater or a repeat-offender that needs a longer ban, should be reported to the forums with proof and a thread should be made accordingly for a higher ranked staff member to view and take action upon. This would cull the population of repeat offenders and cheaters who bypass the currently active SMAC plugin and make the server more enjoyable. This would also allow trials to temporarily take care of a job where a full administrator would not be online to do. It would also take advantage of the guide on the forums that shows you how to create a video, using the forums to their fullest potential. If a trial were to abuse this privilege, they would either have the ability to ban taken away or more likely they would be revoked of their trial admin status. If you don't like this suggestion, leave a comment why, or if you do, tell me what I can improve. Thanks.
  10. Nightfire


    Understood, thank you for the compliment as well. I'm relatively sure I won't be inactive for a long while. EDIT: Still here.
  11. Nightfire


    I'll get on that right away. Thanks for the reminder.
  12. Nightfire


    I appreciate the compliment. What could I improve about my application, if you don't mind letting me know?
  13. Nightfire


    I feel that I have been a positive influence on this community for as long as I can remember. When no staff members were online, I watched by the hour to see how everyone else was doing, gave some advice, and helped a bit of the players on the server by obviously trading with them, handing them extra items as a sign of "Why not? You *probably* need it more anyways.", and giving information to players who ask general questions about the server, some functionalities, et cetera. I know a good number of people on the server, done business with them, and built up a relatively good reputation with the community, enough so that I'm greeted when I enter the server by some people. I've been taking computer classes for two years now, but unfortunately during that time I was limited to taking classes that did not give me coding ability; one of my weaknesses for obvious reasons. However, I practically skulk the server every day and log in at least 4-6 times a day to check up on things, and I keep an eye out for when things go in the wrong direction. Fortunately, I also happen to type insanely fast and can react swiftly to situations in need in order to mitigate any additional problems the situation may have been able to cause. I'm on for at least 6-8 hours a day, and because I'm in the US Mountain Time Zone, I can be online when others cannot. I've seen people who take advantage of the limitations of the administrators and minge, hack, spam, whatever they can do to get on other people's backs and annoy them. At the time of writing, I currently have 1407 hours in TF2 and I'm not planning to quit any time soon. And besides, I need a new hobby anyways. Oh what fun it would be for me if I actually had something to do in my life that was worthwhile. On Mondays - Fridays, I can be on from 3 PM to 10 PM, or even past that if required. On Saturdays - Sundays, I can be on from 10 AM - 11 PM, or again, past that if required. At the time of writing, I am currently 15 years old. A bit young, I agree, but I think the benefits outweigh the downsides. If you haven't already noticed, I live in Arizona, so my timezone is (UTC-7:00) Arizona time. I also have Discord on my phone in case I need to speak with anyone to discuss something. My SteamRep profile also happens to be clean. I have donated to the server before, evident by my existing maroon colored chat. I have done 12 total hours of community service, and that was for a health class I took. Never really could find the time for it. I have had only one past experience being staff on a server, and that was being a moderator for a server that had died out long ago in Garry's Mod. If it counts, I've also been awarded donor admin in a server I've quit to devote my time to TF2, and was only warned once and never given a strike. Didn't like the idea of people donating for admin, but I try to make the best of it. This is the end of my application. I appreciate you taking the time to read it, and hope you seriously consider me as a viable option for a member of the staff.