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  1. Hackerman2000

    Satan I trade.tf

    Guy ran from a 2 key crab. Accepted trade, but cancelled via mobile authentication. Below is evidence.
  2. Hackerman2000

    Zed is the real owner of EGC

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1296807393. Zed is a maim
  3. Hackerman2000

    Hackerman 2000

    Ive worked in stressful environments before, for example, my 2 and a half years of employment at McDonalds has taught me how to remain calm in a stressful environment; and i don't see it being an issue with my current state of mental health. I believe i have mentioned it before, but i am currently 17, turning 18 tomorrow, on the 22nd. As for my view on spy crab fraud and scamming, I believe it is quite clear that i am against these actions, and I have experienced these issues and situations. If i were to be accepted as an admin, and someone was to come to me with a situation, I would follow up on the story, gather evidence, discuss with fellow admins and make the appropriate decision, given the evidence is sufficient.
  4. Hackerman2000


    If anyone spoils it for me i will murder them..
  5. Hackerman2000

    Engi l Trade.tf

    Crabbed him again, he lost, and ran. Again. Here are all the photos. Hopefully this will be enough.
  6. Hackerman2000

    Engi l trade.tf

    He has payed up the crab. I would still be wary of him.
  7. Hackerman2000

    Engi l trade.tf

    I did a 2 key spy crab with this chap, lost 2 crabs earlier for a key each which sucks, so i doubled down, and won. He tried to do the old "my brother has my phone" excuse, then disconnected. Attached below are screenshots of the events.
  8. Hackerman2000

    Hackerman 2000

    Sorry that i haven't replied, I've had issues logging in to the egc website. To answer your questions, i don't have an artwork showcase online, but that is something i would like to work on. I do a bunch of spray paint artworks, such as planets and galaxies and that sort of thing. I have not been an admin on any other server, or have any major roles in online communications. I did have a job at macaques for over 2 years, and was under management training, but was forced to quit due to mental health issues. I am somewhat up to date with the latest world news, i try my best to watch the news each night, just out of habit. If you need any more information, ill be sure to reply a lot quicker.
  9. Hackerman2000

    Hackerman 2000

    Hello, my name is Hackerman 2000. I spend most of my tf2 hours playing on EGC servers. Trading, Spycrabbing, etc. I am amazed, and proud of how well maintained these servers are, and i would love to help be a part of keeping these servers a clean and friendly environment for all players, even the younger ones. I appreciate the opportunity to become apart of the team.