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  1. Blizzardy cannonball...mmmmmm
  2. ahhhhh sorry....still...a few more commands is never a bad thing.
  4. The process of recording demos is rather easy. Simply open your console by pressing the tilde key (~) and type "record [name of demo]". and how do you stop recording?
  5. Minecraft tf2 server they are generally large maps,so you could incorporate other modes in there
  6. This is happening again,if i adjust sizes i can't get rid of the donator menu....
  7. 0 just opens up my taunt menu(only just started doing it,so i have a screen full of overlays if i do that.Tried going thru every menu option,i think it may have happened when i made myself larger/smaller.So it may have something to do with that.Not sure,only just really started happening from yesterday.(happens on the AUS server/US and sandbox)
  8. When i open the donator menu,it's stuck on screen,can't get rid of it.I tried re-opening the menu(Hoste's suggestion) but that just opened the main menu,it normally is stuck on colour change of chat
  9. What's the difference between "Classic" and "Member" ? Admin/Founder are pretty obvious. :)

    1. Roo


      Classics have a pink name.

      Members have a blue name.

    2. Munt3dApple


      Classic is awarded to retired admins.... Except Afro, i don't know why afro has a classic tag.......

    3. PlanB


      Ahhhhh thanks,that makes sense :D