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  1. Spycrab Rooms

    Great idea,i see the same thing often.
  2. !Votemute Option

    The more options and freedom their is,the more chance it has to be abused.If it's put to a vote,i'll be voting nah
  3. !Votemute Option

    Still think it'll be abused. We need trial admins,not more voting options
  4. Ringtones

  5. Favourite Unusual Effect?

    Really liking scorching.
  6. reputation glitch

    Reputation works fine for me :)
  7. http://www.news.com.au/technology/online/hacking/hacker-behind-massive-ransomware-attack-has-no-access-to-emails-from-victims-who-paid/news-story/3ef6113116882b588c51f9402229136c
  8. Killing as a mini heavy

    I was able to destroy the enemies dispenser in there spawn as a mini heavy.
  9. On Notice

    Not tooo much fun i hope
  10. Discord bot

    Fun Bot?
  11. Figet spinners

  12. Dispenser Roll Squad

    You know...there is a class that builds dispensers
  13. Exploiting & cheating in TF2

    Very interesting.
  14. TF2 | US | NORMAL: Suggestions and Ideas!

    Awesome thank you