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  1. The more options and freedom their is,the more chance it has to be abused.If it's put to a vote,i'll be voting nah
  2. Still think it'll be abused. We need trial admins,not more voting options
  3. Really liking scorching.
  4. Reputation works fine for me :)
  6. I was able to destroy the enemies dispenser in there spawn as a mini heavy.
  7. Not tooo much fun i hope
  8. Fun Bot?
  9. You know...there is a class that builds dispensers
  10. Very interesting.
  11. Awesome thank you
  12. Bots to make up numbers during lowpeak times,I know i "may" have mentioned it once or twice,but i really think bots that are obviously kicked when a player joins,will help and encourage more players at hours that there is 1 or 2 on the servers,Just a suggestion(now official ) What harm could it do?
  13. All of them on rotation with bots to make up numbers