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  1. TF2 failing to update

    Good 'ole 'nam
  2. Hello!

  3. RTD perks explained!

    I love that idea
  4. RTD perks explained!

    Thank you LiMaaa
  5. SteamRep Pre-Trade Checklist

    @LiMaaa think it was Salty Medic/Cat or whatever he calls himself now,yeah.....just looking out for the EGC community :)
  6. SteamRep Pre-Trade Checklist

    As i said,if it stops even one trader getting scammed,then it was the worth the 30 seconds it took to post :)
  7. https://steamrep.com/tips/pretrade Just thought this may help some of the newer traders from getting scammed,if it helps even just 1 trader,then it's worth it. Safe trading :) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=724007008 Some more help in being safe
  8. nickname

    How about Crazy Bull?
  9. Almost 6 months Later

    You are missed Refrigerator
  10. nickname

    How about Crazy Cow.....
  11. nickname

  12. Strike rancho...very nice. Good luck getting the 150....with 4 others on the market for cheaper,lowest being 60 keys i doubt you'll get the 150
  13. Spycrab Rooms

    Great idea,i see the same thing often.
  14. !Votemute Option

    The more options and freedom their is,the more chance it has to be abused.If it's put to a vote,i'll be voting nah