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  1. PlanB

    Papa Waga (No Volume)

    Papa Waga is toxic,keeps telling me and others to "kys" http://stats.endlessgamers.com/chat/tf?range=1&server=0&chat_list_order=eventTime&chat_list_order_type=desc&chat_list_filter=kys&chat_list_filter_type=message&chat_list_filter_button.x=41&chat_list_filter_button.y=2#chat_list http://stats.endlessgamers.com/chat/tf?range=2&server=0&chat_list_order=eventTime&chat_list_order_type=desc&chat_list_filter=kys&chat_list_filter_type=message&chat_list_filter_button.x=0&chat_list_filter_button.y=0#chat_list I'd be very suprised if there isn't more.
  2. PlanB

    Upcoming Releases that you are excited for?

    The ricin attack on Japan
  3. For you to be happy 😃 My dreams are small but they always seem bigger than i start with....i just wish Fun would banned...then i could sleep easily
  4. PlanB

    What’s your dream holiday?

    Would love to go to Japn as well...Siberia is another place...anywhere they serve spicy food is on the list
  5. PlanB

    New Scam

    Always updating this thread with new "scams" https://forums.backpack.tf/topic/67189-new-scam/
  6. PlanB

    New Beginnings

  7. PlanB

    New Scam

  8. PlanB

    New Scam

  9. PlanB


  10. PlanB

    Hello There

  11. PlanB

    TF2 failing to update

    Good 'ole 'nam
  12. PlanB


  13. PlanB

    RTD perks explained!

    I love that idea