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  1. Quickselling an unusual Cool Blitzkreig SMG with the Field Tested condition. Selling for 10 keys pure or 13 keys item overpay. It is currently unpriced and I haven’t seen a ton around. The mw smg is worth around 18 keys so I’ll price this around 14 keys and sell for 10 keys pure. Send an offer if you are interested. Thx https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=203361042&token=agAN_G1-
  2. HeroOfJuans|EGC

    Update: Online once or twice a week. School has been quite a pain so my play time has decreased. I’ll be on atleast once a week though.
  3. HeroOfJuans|EGC

    Update: Now a lifetime donator. Sent from second account