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  1. bee

    I would be willing to donate to show my trust.
  2. bee

    Okay so, I honestly have no idea on why I'm banned. It has perm for dupe account but I do not remember any time that I was banned on your servers. Being honest it may have been a cheating infraction but I have now cleared up my habits, made a new account and working to trade. (That's why I wish to get unbanned.) You can check my steam inventory to see that I have keys, hats, and some metal/pure in my inventory. My account and inventory is below: http://steamcommunity.com/id/danielsmurfofficial/ http://steamcommunity.com/id/danielsmurfofficial/inventory/#440 EDIT: Will I need to give an IP as it is a duplicate account ban? I really hope you understand where I'm coming from, I would really wish to be unbanned. Thanks. -bee @memecaster on YT and SoundCloud @_db_333_ on Instagram @danielsmurfofficial on Steam