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    Dear Endless Gamers I have come to you people to write an appeal concerning why I received ban. Me and my friend Some Lombax were called homophobes, racists, jews, and many other offensive words by a kid named jmats170. He then yelled over the microphone complaining about how it was unfair for him and started to ear rape words he said to the point where we had enough and kept telling him to shut up or we will get Kerr. Kerr was afk and we decided to muck around with him to be quite just a bit of banter. Everyone got on the wagon including Spunkle, Some Lombax, Link, Hoste, murry, Rajit, and TurboFanny. Kerr had come out of AFK and decided to get involved. He talked an joked around too us and then told us how we were harassing and be racist and mic spamming. It had come to the point where he had kicked spunkle and then kicked me. My friend was in a chat with me and after he had left Jmats had then confessed everything that he had done wrong but was not banned. To be honest I believe this is utter bullshit and this bullshit community needs to get their shit in line your group is inconsistent laughing about offensive things and other times you'll be banning someone for having an Arab name. It would of been fine if I was banned for 24 hours and so was Jmats. But 3 ♥♥♥♥ING DAYS. That is no where near what it needs to be, and the funny thing is JMATS WAS NEVER EVEN DEALT WITH ONLY THE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Kind Regards Statik.___