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  1. HeroOfJuans


    ^ | |
  2. HeroOfJuans


    Be sure to look at the app requirements before submitting it. Look a bit underdone. 1/5.
  3. HeroOfJuans

    STORE EGC Official Shop

    So you will buy keys/items for paypal? Is this a reliable way to cashout?
  4. HeroOfJuans


    Hello all! Just wanted to drop by to say hi. Im HeroOfJuans. I’m pretty new to this community and recently got back into trading. Im pretty chill but I like to cause some mischief somethings. I hope to be able to meet all of you! Feel free to add me if u wanna talk or trade. http://steamcommunity.com/id/jadenp69 Thanks!
  5. HeroOfJuans


    Another update: Online 3-4 times a week.
  6. HeroOfJuans

    {GNHY} Mercy <3

    Hello Mercy, It looks like your application is a little under done. Here are some tips to help improve it: Look at the application requirements! They will help you write a successful application for any staff. Have a look at some applications that are already approved and look at the things they did different from other peoples apps. Community service, personal qualities/experiences, etc are great ways to make your application unique and interesting. Hope this helps. GLHF!
  7. HeroOfJuans


    Great application. Defiantly wouldn’t change anything. Good luck!
  8. HeroOfJuans


    No problem. Good luck!
  9. HeroOfJuans


    Any community service or past experiences that can help you be an effective admin? Specific skills? Just things to think about. Otherwise it’s a great app.
  10. HeroOfJuans


    Nice application. 8/10. Good luck!!
  11. HeroOfJuans


    Check out the application requirements down below. They will increase your chance of being accepted. Some things to add: Personal experiences that will help you be an effective admin. Community service? Experience with egc and other communities. Age. Tf2 hours. Egc donation status. Enjoy your time at egc!
  12. HeroOfJuans


    Lol thanks
  13. HeroOfJuans


    Are they no longer taking apps?
  14. HeroOfJuans


    Hello I am HeroOfJuans and I am applying for the admin position. I am 15 years old and I am currently a one month donator looking into a Lifetime donation. I have over 500 hours of tf2 on my main account and almost 50 hours on my alternate account. If I am not doing something important I am always on your servers. When I am active I always report cheaters, griefers, and spammers to the admins on discord for them to solve. But sometimes they are busy. So I thought it would be beneficial for both the community and me to apply to be an admin. I am willing to learn new skills to become one of the best and respected admins on your servers. I am always excited and willing to do any task you may ask me to do. Here are some important things I have learned throughout my experiences in life. Discipline This is an important trait I have learned through my experience is Martial Arts. Discipline will keep me from making unnecessary actions and will refrain me from abusing administrative rights. Discipline is important in everything I do in life. Baseball, community service, and martial arts are the most important thing to me besides Team Fortress Two. Community Service During my last year at my Middle School I traveled with my leadership class to Uganda. In Uganda we delivered over 200 wheelchairs to children and the elderly in the east African nation. Throughout my trip I learned how privileged we all are and how important it is to give more than you take. Though this isn't all of my community service I thought this was the highlight. This has inspired me to donate and give back to all the causes I believe in. And your community is one of the causes I would like to give back to. Baseball Coach-ability is the most important skill in any sport. This is beneficial in all aspects of my life. Coach-ability is the ability to make the adjustment or to learn something new to improve yourself as a person and fundamentally. This will help me learn any and all the skills you might teach me during admin training. And this concludes my application for an Administrative position in your community. Your servers have greatly assisted me in achieving my goal of getting an unusual this month and to give back to you I would like to offer a helping hand to achieve your goal of keeping the community safe and accepting. Whether you accept this application or not, I thank you for helping me achieve me goals. No donation could repay your services. Thank you so much for your time. Links: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198399703653 Alternate account. HeroOfJuans|EGC http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198163626770/ Main account. HeroOfJuans Overflow