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  1. ForNeverAlone

    Show us your rig!

    Forgot to come back and update you guys , Have been on netflix too much since i built it hehe. Here are the specs : Case : Corsair Carbide 88R Motherboard : Asus M5A78LM-LX CPU : AMD Phenom x3 720 B.E GPU : HD Radeon 6870 RAM : 8GB x2 Kingston (16GB Total) Hard Drive : 2TB Seagate Running W7 PCI Slot : Asus PCE-N15 Wireless card Power Supply : Corsair CX600 (Recycled from my current gaming as i upgraded to a 750w modular)
  2. ForNeverAlone

    Show us your rig!

    I've found that even after converting the USD to AUD there really isn't much of a difference , Did you manage to save much?
  3. ForNeverAlone

    Show us your rig!

    Currently building a spare Media / Gaming rig for when my family or mates come over to use . Mostly using 2nd hand cheapo parts and a few new things might be in the mix. So far i have.. AMD Phenom II X3 720 BE M5A78L-M LX PowerColor HD6870 1GB GDDR5 Still to buy : Thermaltake Versa H15 Mid Tower Chassis with 450W PSU Team Group Elite Plus 8GB DDR3 1600MHZ No idea on HDD yet, Currently have a ticking 500gb wd black drive i might replace and chuck in there. Will update with pics in a month Basic and simple but useful is the hope.
  4. ForNeverAlone

    Regular Admin On Teamspeak?

    Much love , Such lamp. Just think someone has been handing out the IP to a whole host of people. I was a donor , need to get on to that and redonate , And i used to make a channel half the time it was other donors joining in too lol. AFAIK it's only a handful of people , I dont want them banned or anything of the sort just to have a little bit of respect when there is someone in a gaming channel they are most likely in the zone I can't help but snap
  5. ForNeverAlone

    Regular Admin On Teamspeak?

    Would love an admin to actually actively be on teamspeak , Or for you guys to elect someone who you think is worthy of maintaining TS admin. For the last 6 months i have been harrassed every time i join by several people AND their friends. Im assuming they are all 12 years old with the way they behave , So really ,I thought egc had a minimum mic age... Why are they alllowed to be in there to begin with Today was kind of the last straw , And with that being said , Im always happy to be on EGC as long as there is admin supervision around for these little turds. Look forward to hearing any solutions
  6. ForNeverAlone

    Posting in the shoutbox? [Fixed]

    ive never been able to post on the chatbox , looks like its set to admins only
  7. ForNeverAlone

    Show us your rig!

    Very nice lucy , Ill update mine soon. While i was gone , I upgraded kristies i7 930 to a fx-8350 with a corsair watercooler thingo will take pics soon. Also might be upgrading the little 270's to 4gb evga 770s with backplates. Will keep all informed
  8. ForNeverAlone

    Snakes and Ladders

    >.> Hmmm... Someone download it , virus scan it and then i might download it myself if you dont find anything hehe.
  9. ForNeverAlone

    Show us your rig!

    No thread for it yet and i would love to see everyone elses.Heres mine halfway through being painted , Still to be finished once i figure out how to get the top grill out.Apologies for the crappy quality , I only have a 2mp cam on the phone (Not even kidding) , Phones arent my strong suit. Specs : CPU : AMD FX-6300 MOBO : Asrock 970 Extreme4 Ram : 1333mhz Patriot Ram 8GB x 2 (16GB Total) Graphics : Gigabyte R9 270 2GB PSU : Corsair CX600 V3 HDD : 500gb WD Black / 1 TB seagate (Looking for an ssd soon) Cooler : Xigmatek s1283 OS : W7
  10. ForNeverAlone


    mybad Not you!
  11. ForNeverAlone

    I found Mediz

    what the heck did i just watch that smile gives me the creeps LOL
  12. ForNeverAlone


    im glad im not the only one who's addicted... I just came back here looking for the link since i dont have it on my lappy brand new psu died on me 9 days into its life.. Waiting on that so until then pffffffffft clicker games and web games woop PS : I blame *Ryufus for my new clicker heros addiction too.
  13. ForNeverAlone

    What Is Everybody Currently Listening To?

    BRINGING THE THREAD BACK 2 LIFEEEEEEE Dont judge meh. Kristies fav song atm
  14. ForNeverAlone

    80's Porn Star Names

    Spunky Rocky Point. Spunky - Name of my first dog Rocky Point road - First place i remember living in syd when i was a kid
  15. ForNeverAlone

    guide Overclocking CPU (i5/i7 series)

    Good luck with the power bill hahaha! Hows THAT going? One of the reasons i stopped overclocking so hard I look at my power bill and get a shock