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  1. WayneTF2


    Me and Bonk were neither mic spamming, nor doing it relentlessly. We were talking, along with 2 other people talking. We were making jokes with each other. I was making jokes about Bonk selling bad dragon dildos. I was talking with people, during which i did not hear you give me any warnings, if you warned in chat, then I obviously didn't see it. As well as to the regards of the "childish and personal attack of autism" I referenced that as to yesterday, in which i chimed in with a few other people talking and I said "Alright, it's time to calm down, Autism is mental cancer, it's time to stop". Just that alone warranted a mute from you recently, then when I got on today to trade and have fun I got muted for 240 minutes for literally just making jokes about bonk selling dildos. To reference about "never making this personal" if you never had a personal grudge with me, I wouldn't be one of the people you repeatedly single out when they are on talking on the microphone. It's clear to myself, and to a few others that I talk to in the EGC community that you have attitude problems. Normally I wouldn't even pay attention to this type of thing, but seeing as you made a report about me saying rude comments about you on discord, which so happens you say discord is cancer and you never come on it, shows that you have a personal issue with my presence not only on the server in-game, but in the community in general. Like I said on discord, you can be nice sometimes, so talking to you during those times is fine, and great. But the majority of the time you act like a jerk or as I so eloquently put it, a "♥♥♥♥". As to other people needing to advertise on the microphone, they can do that, anytime I'm talking and I hear somebody trying to advert on the mic, i always shut up and let them advert. I don't interrupt people who advertise, ever. I believe in manners, but when somebody doesn't show me manners, I don't expect civility from them, I haven't expected civility from you in quite a while, I've known for a while you have humongous attitude problems, which considering you are a mother and are much older than me (i'm 18 years old) shows that you have maturity issues as well. Getting pissed off when somebody references autism and makes an autism joke is the opposite of maturity. Muting people without confirmed warning for 240 minutes, is the opposite of maturity. And by the way, I'm not a donor, that donor tag has been on there since It was gifted to me from an event winning. I have never put actual money in the server, which I most likely would have purchased life donor a long time ago if it weren't for the problems that arise when you and me are on the server at the same time. I hardly ever meet somebody in server that gets pissed at me for joking around, most people have a fun time joking around. You need professional help, and I hope this server does good, because I can tell Lima and Kerr put a lot of effort into it already, but it doesn't need a stuck up admin who has a superiority complex handing out mutes and bans for stupid reasons. Like you always say in server "I need some ♥♥♥♥ing coffee before I deal with you little shits". Go get some ♥♥♥♥ing coffee, and grow the ♥♥♥♥ up. It's disappointing. Have a good day, btw Autism jokes coming from a person with High functioning autism (myself).
  2. WayneTF2


  3. Hello! I'm buying Trading Cards Buying these trading cards for 3 scrap each! CS:GO Team Fortress 2 Half Life 2 Portal 2 These are not the only games that I am paying 3 scrap each for. Any trading cards that are sold on average at $0.08 USD, or above will get you 3 scrap each. Send a Trade Offer!
  4. WayneTF2

    Fav movie&Song

    I have a lot of favorite movies, but my top genre of movies is Action movies, like Jason Statham movies, etc. I have 2 favorite bands for music, Cypress Hill (rap) My fav song from them is Kronologik. and Disturbed (Metal), i don't have a fav song from them, since a lot of their songs are so good.
  5. WayneTF2


    Polish chat spammed frequently, very annoying. I was able to screen capture 4 pictures, 3 are of chat spam, and 1 is evidence of him impersonating an admin "MsFreakshow". I also included a cap of his steam profile with his name history opened up Which proves he did impersonate Freakshow. There is also a cap of his steamrep profile which has more account information available.