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  1. Damn, thx for info:)
  2. Disco Beat Down and Purple Energy are tied for me, then most fo the 1st gen effects i like, then the 2 robos, anti-freeze and roboactive.
  3. lol ty so much for that:P
  4. mine is black and im a r eally big nerd for having a exact genji shuriken replica that gold:P. So its bad, i have 2 fidget spinners. I dont really think that they are bad i only really use them when im bored
  5. hmmmmmmmm.......fav movie is spy and fav song is prob Ants marching by dave mathews (grave digger falls really close behind)
  6. He used the N word and b4 the spam screenshots i posted he was spamming earlier even when i asked him not to. So in short spamming and offensive language.
  7. @Littlemadtiger i forgot to mention that i also forgot they had a website
  8. Lol I have been in the US server for quite some time but i recently changed my name. Some of u may have known me as MR.WHAT? but i am back after a copuple of months of no computer cause i sold my old one but im back:) im 16 and hate highschool but im good at it so i guess its good to stay in:P. But just saying hi on the website
  9. Also I have donated about 10$ to egc then the 40$ for lifetime
  10. I have loved this server for many years and have been applying at every admin apps on the steam community page. Some of you may know me as Mr.What? i have been on this server for about 3 1/2 years but didnt exactly talk much til recently cause of the squeaky voice but thank god thats gone:) As lifetime donator i try to keep people in check best i can within the rules while admins are absent (no matter how much crap they give me:) I have already talked to Limaaa a little and he doesnt remember me but Freakshow does some and i understand i need to build trust. To sum things up i would love to help with the servers as admin or as a Donator, but seems im on when all the aussie admins are busy doing real world things:) Which dont get me wrong are wayyyyy more important than a video game. I am just here to help and have fun is the true reason of me always logging in and going straight to EGC servers, but being Admin to help you all would be even greater:) ty for your time. (side note: I am 16 years of age)